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    NM Michelangelooo

    Nice video.

    On 5.15 you say black has two moves, but you only show Nd7, not the other one which is Ng4.

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    thanks for the video. I like it, and I play it all the time on even before watching the video. People think it is too passive. I believe otherwise. Anyways, thanks a lot.

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    at 14.02, how does white handle the position after Nc6 d5?

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    This is a great series on the Pirc. I've been trying to play it, but more often than not, my opponents are playing f4 (the Austrian Attack) and crushing my King-side defenses... Need help! :o)

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    Can't wait for the Austrian.

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    I'm already looking forward to the next video on the Pirc. I'm sure it will serve my game well. Thanks!

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    super one thank u 

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    I don't pronounce it correctly and it wouldn't matter if only I could play it in the right way!

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    i always said peerch.

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    The Pirc Defence (pronounced "peerts", though it is often wrongly known as the "perk" defence, even among grandmasters),

    Please, stop saying perk.

    But, the movie was great and very instructive.  Thanks for the video!

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    FM The_Evil_Ducklings

    Nice job, well done!

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    It's an "antidote," not an "anecdote."

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    I'm watching this series in the hope of learning some good lines...for white!

    I'm a spy eheh...come on, I hope the next video will reveal how to beat the Pirc!

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    I always struggle with black..this video is definitely one to watch several times for me. Thanks so much!  :)

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    great input, thanks.

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