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    Great video. Is it possible to do a video on the QGD exchange variation ? This a line you get very often with black.


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    To anyone interested in the QGD, join this brand new group!

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    Aronian played 10. h4!?. Does anyone have any comments on this line?

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    Another great QGD lesson! Always picking up new ideas here it's great!

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    Thanks! Excellent as always, Sam.

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    just got crowned....The new Mombasa Champion.

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    Good video, but it would be better if GM Shankland slowed down a tad! I'm too old to put what's left of my brain into overdrive to keep up with his rapid-fire delivery!

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    Great.Now I know two opening varatations to Bg5 QGD!Thanks

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    I eagerly await each day to see what the new video of the day is. I'm always slightly dissapointed when it's an opening video because, more often than not, it's in a line I don't play.

    Just a thought, but how about posting opening videos in another section, and more general advice / annotated game videos can be the main video of the day?

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