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    Thanks coach Melik

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    Nice video!

    Although at 4:52, can white possibly play 40. Ka2 or 40. Kb2?

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    Thank You!

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    Wow.  Nice defense. 

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    Bhoetrus about skating on thin ice,very impressed GM Melik

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    Thank you GM K.  Great video because it makes a complex and difficult subject easy go decipher!

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    @Senchean I think it's mostly about the endgame, because he's referring to not allowing your opponent to create opposition with the kings, where your king might have to move into a disadvantageous spot or where it might be in danger of being mated by the rook. 

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    Thank you Coach Melik, your the best especially in the endgame and in defending positions.

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    Very instructive GM Khachiyan.  Learn something everytime.  Thanks again, EddieB

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    Great Video.  I have a question though.  The defensive tip: stay away from your opponent's king,  is that tip only for the endgame, or is it for all defensive play?  I ask this because most endgame principles are reversed in the middle game.  You want your king in the center of the board in the endgame, but castled in the opening and middlegame.  Rooks behind pawns in the endgame, but in front in the middle etc.

    Thanks for you answer, and I love your vids.

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