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    Greatest Chess Minds= fantastic series.

    Very informative and motivational,

    Thank you so much, Roman!

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    "for which Larsen was famous" would be more correct as you are not supposed to end sentences with prepositions. it's awkward.

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    A truly remarkable individual, it's players like Larsen that can truly inspire us, not only on the board but as a person.

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    Thank you Master

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    I met Larsen in ba in 2008 he sold me his set from the Havana Olympiad and a signed Danish edition of his best games a nice guy

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    A great game! I first saw it many years ago and still remembered it as soon as I started reading the description of this video, because not only did Larsen win with a Queen sac, it was a Queen sac vs "Tiger" Petrosian, the toughest player in the world to beat!

    Thanks GM JRLOK for showing us this game and for your description of Larsen the man and Larsen the GM.

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    Thank you!

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    I was at the Shelburne hotel in Atlantic City (1972 US Open) where Larsen was going over the 13th game of the great match. Larsen didn't look like he'd suffered any ill effects from his loss to Fischer from the summer before. His personality was indeed truly memorable. He was extraordinarily friendly and outgoing and I'm glad that Dzindzi brought out this aspect of the man.

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    We always learn a lot about the story telling of Roman in which he excels in doing for our sake and appreciating more this interesting game called chess.  Chess greats life-style, principles and their chess exploits are vividly demonsted by Roman's own style of story telling. I like it, its just like history, my favorite. 

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    What a wonderful job about a truly great person and chess master.  Thank you so much for this video Roman.

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    I was lucky enough to witness Larsen, Tal, and Bronstein play in Long Beach CA in the '80's.

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    My first book was 50 best games of Larsen. A classic!

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    thx again, Roman, your personal insight is much appreciated by the chess world

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    I hope this wonderful video is an introduction to many more Larsen games.

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    i wish i could have met him

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    I love the personal angle RD brings.

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    Larsen was also a modest person in his lifestyle. He didn't need a lot of money. He had simple tastes. He was happy to be a chess player and live OK but not in luxury by any means. This was another contrast with Fischer. My conspiracy theory is that Fischer let Larsen have board 1 in that match to "set Larsen up to fail" to bust his ego and career. That shows that my opinion of Fischer is low. And it is.

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    This is fantastic. I think that most chess masters would describe Larsen's chess style in 1 word: optimistic. He believed that with original thought any opening could be turned into a win. He developed b3 and even original ideas in the Philidor defence. He even tried to bring back the romantic school by playing the bishop's opening. He also believed that black was better in the sicillian maroczy bind!! Clearly his optimism and refusal to draw could be costly; his 6-0 loss to Fischer in the candidates match was more due to Larsen's attempts to turn drawing positions into wins whatever the risk, rather than the Denver heat.

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    really nice and informative video. thank you.

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