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  • Capt. Bertin's Gambit

         The Cunningham Defense in the King's Gambit Accepted begins 1. e4 e5 2. f4 exf4 3. Nf3 Be7.  White moves the Bishop to give his King a place to go with 4. Bc4.  If Black continues with the threatened 4... Bh4+ ... | Leggi tutto

  • The Player I'd Most Like to Have Met

         Throughout the history of the game, chess has produced innumerable fascinating personalities.  Some were stars, others played supporting roles.  Many of them, at least from the hazy vantage point of my clouded ... | Leggi tutto

  • No Balance, No Success

    I get countless questions that ask about taste in chess (No, don’t eat the pieces!). Taste, in this case, refers to a preference for positional or tactical situations. (However, if you MUST eat the pieces, please buy a chess cake or a ches... | Leggi tutto

  • Walker

    George  Walker    George Walker's life (1803-1879) spanned one of the most remarkable periods of chess.  As a chess player, he met and played such personalities as John Cochrane, William Lewis, Alexander McDonnell, Labourdonnais, Pierre Charl... | Leggi tutto

  • Links to the Past

    This is the week of Halloween, a time when we dust the cobwebs, ressurect the dead and free the whispy ghosts of the departed.I thought this would be an appropriate time to open my own vault into the not-so-distant past with links to what has c... | Leggi tutto


      Throughout the history of chess, humanity has continually held a fascination with those rare individuals whose immense skill and success at the game makes them deserving of being labeled "The Strongest Player on Earth." The title of World Ches... | Leggi tutto

      • sachin951
      • | 18 gen 2016
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    • Castling with Checkmate

      There are a few famous examples of games that ended by castling checkmate such as Edward Lasker - George Thomas in London 1912 as well as an early Paul Morphy gem (my username-sake for you nerdy fans out there).  But from what I can tell at least... | Leggi tutto

      • PrideNSorrow
      • | 13 gen 2016
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    • Paul Morphy vs dominguez

      | Leggi tutto

      • lavin_arrt
      • | 04 gen 2016
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    • Hitting the Books

      Hitting the Books ContextA distinctive element of GM-RAM: Essential Grandmaster Knowledge(2000) draws in some readers and pushes many others away. Rashid Ziyatdinov's book contains diagrams without analysis. The author explains that the book i... | Leggi tutto

      • Ziryab
      • | 02 gen 2016
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    • Should chess games be shortened?

      Should chess games be shortened?                            The Legendary Paul Morphy would often play games lasting for days.There's been a lot of discussion recently about whether or not we are seeing the death of classical ch... | Leggi tutto

      • bunnyplayer1
      • | 13 dic 2015
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Video Lessons

  • Keres Defense

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    The Keres Defence (also known as the Kangaroo Defence or Franco-Indian Defense) is a chess opening characterised by the moves: 1. d4 e62. c4 Bb4+The opening is named for Estonian grandmaster Paul Keres. This opening was known since t... Per saperne di più »

  • Barnes' Opening

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    Barnes Opening (or Gedult's Opening) is a chess opening where White opens with: 1. f3The opening is named after Thomas Wilson Barnes (1825–74), an English player who had an impressive eight wins over Paul Morphy, including one game wh... Per saperne di più »

  • Evergreen Game

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    Adolf Anderssen was a great tactician and attacker, and was arguably one of the best players of his time. In this game against Dufresne in Berlin,1852, it became famous instantly after it was played. It was called the Evergreen Game by Wihelm Stei... Per saperne di più »

  • Ruy Lopez

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    Opening: Ruy Lopez (Spanish)ECO: C60ECO Variations: C60 - C99Type: King's Pawn GamePGN: 1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 Nc6 3.Bb5FEN:  r1bqkbnr/pppp1ppp/2n5/1B2p3/4P3/5N2/PPPP1PPP/RNBQK2R b KQkq - 3 3 The Ruy Lopez (also known as the Spanish Opening) is a ches... Per saperne di più »

  • Harrwitz, Daniel

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    Daniel Harrwitz (29 April 1823 – 9 January 1884) was a German master (born in Breslau, Silesia) and world’s best active player in the mid 1850s.  He played matches against Staunton, Anderssen, Lowenthal, and lost to Morphy.  He became a prof... Per saperne di più »