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Località: New York City, Wales
Registrato: 30/09/14
Ultima connessione: 26/10/14
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Località: Michigan, United States
Registrato: 18/01/13
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  • How to Win at Live Chess's LIVE CHESS is reaching the end of its testing period and will soon be with us, so it's time to share some experiences gleaned during my wanderings on the Web. For the past five years I've been playing Internet ches... | Leggi tutto

    • I just earned the National Master title. Here's how.

      (Note: If you want to avoid some random anecdotes and just want to get to the things I think may benefit players embarking on similar quests, just skip to the bold stuff below.) I've been working on this one for a while, and it's nice to finally h... | Leggi tutto

      • eltenedor
      • | 11 feb 2016
      • | 1727 visualizzazioni
      • | 15 commenti
    • Hippopotamus Defence

      What is the Hippopotamus Defence? The Hippopotamus Defence is a line played with the black pieces which is considered a universal system. What is the Hippo Defense move order? The move orders of the Hippo Defence in fact vary from Hippo player... | Leggi tutto

      • X_PLAYER_J_X
      • | 22 mag 2015
      • | 1809 visualizzazioni
      • | 2 commenti
    • First Post : First win over a Hard Computer!!

      Hello guys. Today is a special day for me, as I post my first blog post. This is not boring, so do not worry. I will now show you a game I had on the live chess network on against a hard computer. It was a 10/10 match. I played a beautif... | Leggi tutto

      • IceCoolHead
      • | 27 mag 2014
      • | 525 visualizzazioni
      • | 0 commenti
    • ChessNetwork's Benoni Lesson

      First of all, I want to thank Chess Network for being an awesome chess coach and an extremely entertaning competitor! I really appreciate all of the work he does posting videos and puzzles - he really makes learning chess fun! It's especially nice... | Leggi tutto

    • Chesscrew Update

      Hi everyone, As I said in my recent blog, I have relaunched Chesscrew! In the original blogpost, I did not state the purpose and goals of Chesscrew, so I will list them below. Goals Reach 100 members by the end of 2013 Reach 1000 members by th... | Leggi tutto

      • MaxCorn
      • | 08 set 2013
      • | 805 visualizzazioni
      • | 3 commenti

  • ACA Press Release July 13

    News Release - For Immediate Release- contact- Stan Vaughan email- Grandmaster Larry Evans to be commentator of key games for spectators @ 2007 American Chess Association US Open Chess Championship @ Oasis Resort Casino A... | Leggi tutto

  • How can you help!?

    It's been only 3 weeks since was born and things are going very well! We're growing quickly and have so many AMAZING members who have helped out in many ways. And while we're really excited about where we are, we could sure u... | Leggi tutto

    • erik
    • | 18 giu 2007
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