Women's World Championship Goes To Tie-Breaks

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  • on 30/11/12, 23:53.

womens%20world%20chess%20championship%202012%20logo.jpgThe 2012 Women's World Championship will be decided by a tie-break playoff after Antoaneta Stefanova dramatically equalised the scores with Anna Ushenina in the last game of the 4-game final match.

Tie-breaks take place today (Saturday) at 15:00 local time in Khanty-Mansiysk (09:00 UTC).  See the official website for live coverage.

Antoaneta Stefanova won the fourth game to equalise with Anna Ushenina

2012 Women World Championship Final Game 4 Anna Ushenina Antoaneta Stefanova.jpg



The tie-break will start with 2 rapid games at 25 minutes plus 10 second increment. If scores are still level, then there will be 2 more games at 10 minutes plus 10 second increment.

If the tie is still not broken, there are two games at 5 minutes plus 3 second increment.  Finally, there is the prospect of a sudden-death game (white has 5 minutes, black 4 minutes, with 3 second increment from move 60, white must win or black is the winner).

Picture from the official website. Game via TWIC.

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    The first tie-break game was drawn, the second won by Ushenina.  Ushenina is the new world champion!

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    My sympathies goes with Stefanova. I am her compatriot, and I want her to win this clash of a titans.

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    It was a fine win by Stefanova, that is for sure.

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    So sad for Anna! When she won the 3rd game they asked her what was the most important game in her career and she couldn't choose. Now I'm afraid she will have a clear answer for all her life especially if loses  today that seems more than likely now.  Obviously she couldn't withstand the pressure  of the huge moment for her. It's hard to believe that 3rd and 4th games were played by one and the same person in 2 days, especialyy in the middle of the game her mind seems to be paralysed. And when it seemed another miracle might happen that absurd, unnatural 31.Bb1 only proves what mess was in her head. She will enter the tiebreak in a huge psychological disadvantage, hopefully she could regroup but I highly doubt. The only positive circustance is that she won't have enough time to get afraid again and hopefully will just play her game that brought her thus far - most creative and inspired game. She has the game to be a champion, mentality....not sure

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