Norway Super-Tournament Line-up Revealed

  • SonofPearl
  • on 06/02/13, 12:48.

logo_norway_chess_2013.jpgThe full line-up for the new super-tournament to be held from 7-18 May 2013 in Stavanger, Norway has been announced, and it's an incredibly impressive list!

The tournament is called simply Norway Chess 2013, and the #1 ranked Magnus Carlsen from Norway will naturally be taking part. 

The format is a 10 player single round-robin, and the confirmed players are:

# Name  Fed Elo  Rank
1 Carlsen, Magnus  NOR  2872 1
2 Kramnik, Vladimir  RUS  2810 2
3 Aronian, Levon  ARM  2809 3
4 Radjabov, Teimour  AZE  2793 4
5 Karjakin, Sergey  RUS  2786 5
6 Anand, Viswanathan  IND  2780 6
7 Topalov, Veselin  BUL  2771 7
8 Nakamura, Hikaru  USA  2767 8
9 Wang, Hao  CHN  2743 16
10 Hammer, Jon Ludvig  NOR  2629 146


That's ALL of the top 8 players in the world (on the current rating list) in the same tournament!

The main sponsors for the tournament are the Norwegian companies HTH and Jadarhus, and it is hoped that the tournament will become a regular annual fixture in the chess calendar.

The event will also include a school tournament with hundreds of children, and a celebrity tournament with a range of celebrities showing off their chess skills!

Norway Chess 2013 Schedule.jpg


The official website is here.  Make a note in your diaries now!

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  • 4 anni fa


    lol 1..2..3..4..5..6..7..8....16........................................................146

  • 4 anni fa


    Carlsen will totally dominate!  Be afraid, be very afraid!

  • 4 anni fa

    NM Petrosianic

    Well, obviously Hammer is going to have to win this tournament just to spite the top players.  The top 8 players by ELO in the same round robin - how cool is that?  Has that happened before (in any round robin?) (in any tournament)?  How much did Hammer have to pay to play against this field?  Innocent (jk)  Wouldn't hurt to bring the teddy bear for luck... although he acquitted himself very well against Anand and Carlsen in that 4 person rapid tournament with Polgar in 2011 I believe (beating both A+C at some pt in the tournament I think) and beating Carlsen again with Black in rapids in Dec 2012?

    Kudos to Norway chess for obtaining such a strong field. Surprised  Hopefully they can run an event on par with the LCC and Wijk en Zee in terms of coverage.

  • 4 anni fa


    Awesome line-up! I think, current FIDE's highest tournament category by participants' ELO rating average is Category XXI (2751-2775), and this one's average ELO rating is 2776. Should FIDE create a new tournament category for this one, like Category XXII (2776-2800)?

  • 4 anni fa


    I would have invited Chucky over Wang Hao... he plays such entertaining chess...

  • 4 anni fa


    Such a rare tournament with top 8 players playing...would been better if rank 146 was replace with top 50...dont be suprise if Carlsen rating drop in this tournament!

  • 4 anni fa


    Go Hammer!

  • 4 anni fa


    I want to see Carlsen get a 100 point ELO rating lead on #2. 2900? It would take some magic to get a winning percentage high enough.

  • 4 anni fa


    my favorite player here by far is sultan, I really wish the best for him but being realistic hes gonna get his as whooped 

  • 4 anni fa


    This is gonna be Hammer's pay tournament.  Not only in money, but in ELO points too.  He'd probably need just 3 draws to gain points.

  • 4 anni fa


    When the money is right, Kramnik and Topalov would become dear friends, especially as years go by.

  • 4 anni fa


    Strong field! Also, I am surprised to see Kramnik and Topalov on the same tournament, I thought they avoided each other.

  • 4 anni fa


    I am guessing that Carlsen will keep his prep until the World Championships. If he is in trouble during the candidates match, he might just have to start using his prep. He has kept away from any real prep for quite some time. He is capable though.

  • 4 anni fa


    I am predicting 6 out of 9 for Carlsen - 4 wins, 4 draws and may be 1 loss on one of his rare unlucky days:-)

  • 4 anni fa


    I used an online calculator ( to calculate the expected winning percentage in a single game based on the rating of each player. Then I averaged Carlsen's 9 winning percentages, multipled that by 9 games and got an expected score for him in this tournament.  He is expected to win 5.81 games against this field of players.  So 6 out of 9 (+3) would be a good result for him.

    I can't guarantee this is the correct way to calculate an expected score for  a given player in a round robin tournament, but it seems to make sense.

  • 4 anni fa


    Top 8 players?!

    Take out the home player Ludvig and add a top 20 and you have the strongest tournament ever, if not already.

    Btw is this after Candidates?

  • 4 anni fa


    Will this be the highest rated tournament of all time? Amazing line up.

  • 4 anni fa


    good luck Sultan !

  • 4 anni fa


    k com they fsed it up with last 2 no1 wants to see them playing

  • 4 anni fa


    I'm very impressed. This is a super tournament like Wijk aan Zee or Linares. The field is the best you could possibly get. 
    @TheMagicianPaul: In fact it might be the other way round. Carlen has such a high rating that he won't get many points by beating some 2600s or low 2700s any more. But if he manages to win some games against Top 10 players, he can easily climb to 2900+. 

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