Magnus Carlsen: Six (No, Seven!) Prizes And Another Interview

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  • on 30/12/13, 02:03.

After winning the world title in Chennai, Magnus Carlsen hasn't been sitting still. Not even mentioning the hundreds of interview requests from all over the world (including the German Playboy!), Carlsen was in London for a G-Star RAW fashion show, had a meeting with the Norwegian Prime Minister at a children's tournament, had and a coaching session with the Norwegian Junior team, and received no less than six [correction: seven] awards in just one month.

Soon after Carlsen returned to Norway with the World Championship title in his pocket, a big discussion started in his country about a matter that everyone will have talked about at some birthday party: is chess a sport? The reason for the debate in Norway was the time of the year: early December, Norwegian athlets receive their nominations for the annual sports gala Idrettsgallaen, to be held January 4th.

Carlsen was not nominated for the most prestigious prize, ‘male athlete’, probably because in the end the jury decided that chess is not a sport — at least not a physical one. For the same reason, chess is still not part of the national sports federation in Norway.

However, since then the world champion of chess did win six other prizes:

(As always, thanks to Tarjei J. Svensen's tweets it was relatively easy to keep track of this!)

The above gives a good impression of how busy Carlsen has been since November 22nd. And it doesn't stop there. In January he will travel to the USA, where he will give a simul at the International CES, the world’s largest tradeshow for consumer technology, in Las Vegas. Carlsen will also join an open forum, moderated by Peter Thiel, at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California.

In the mean time an excellent interview has appeared online, conducted by VG's Mads Andersen, which includes English subtitles:

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    Great interview by the greatest chess player of all time!

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    I took a look into the future competition for Magnus. It is amazing how young they are and how high their ratings are!

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    I don't know exactly why, but I really enjoyed this interview. Like, it entertained me very much for some reason. Maybe because I've been following Magnus for a while but haven't seen him interviewed at length in his own language. I think this gives a much better sense of his personality than his interviews in English; even though his English is fine, he just seems more comfortable here.

    The meditations on Scrooge McDuck are funny.

    I understand what he means when he says that he's miles away from an autistic person. As he says, his social skills seem about normal. He's not that 'weird' of a guy -- just very intelligent, and rather composed.

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    chess not a sport ?. played football for years. ill tell you ive never been more worn out than playing 6 5 hour games over three days. unbelieveably tired for a week.

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    As playing piano, chess is not a sport though it imply energy to do a work.

    But chess sure good for healt!!

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    I couldn't decipher what is meant in their language and it was quite annoying to me, although english texts are at bottom

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    i thought that we have muscles in our arms

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    golf/bowling actually involves moving muscles.

    chess you just move your arm.

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    Thank you Magnus for your sacrifice. So many brainless enterprises just to bring chess to a larger audience, he's like Ganghi reborn.

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    If chess is not a sport due to lack of physical exertion then neither should golf or bowling be considered sports, among others. Chess is generally more exhausting than these mild activities.

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    amazing, very wise '..

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    Nice, but does this mean Carlsen is not going to do the Email interview with the fan-submitted questions that was already committed to? ;)

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    What a great interview!

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    It does work for me.

  • 3 anni fa


    the vid does not work

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    @glenndasmarinas he is not lucky. This is result of his hard work and dedication. Also being a celebrity has its own commitments and problems that only celebs know.

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    Great interview

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    What kind or rubbish is this when u work ur brain it's a physical work and that's why we homosapians have big heads and small jaw.either way it's sport in it's purest form.

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