'Check Mate' World Premiere!

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Ten year old Samir, who is from London (Westminster) and living with a Brain Tumour, had just one wish – to star in his very own film. Today his wish was granted by Make-A-Wish Foundation® UK, the charity that grants magical wishes to children and young people fighting life-threatening conditions, and he made his red carpet appearance at Richmond Odeon for the premiere of his debut film, Check Mate.

Samir Samadov in front of the film poster


Samir, who is an award-winning chess player, was filmed at a number of London locations for the ten-minute action film, including the Thames, Imperial College and No.10 Downing Street. Samir wanted to be in a film to experience what it feels like to be a movie star! He came up with the concept of Check Mate (produced by Charlotte Knight Productions) and plays the part of the superhero in the film...

check mate_poster film.jpgDr. Capablanca has devised a cunning plan to stop the Olympics by planting a virus in the central computer system. Using his chess skills Agent 27 (Samir) must stop Dr. Capablanca! Can he do it before it’s too late? Will Samir defeat Dr. Capablanca?

Samir was diagnosed with a Brain Tumour in June 2011. He underwent surgery in July and received radiotherapy in October for six weeks. He is now on a high dose of chemotherapy and will continue with this treatment for a year. Samir's future aim is to be a World Chess Champion and help other children with life-threatening illnesses.

After watching the premiere of his film Samir said: “The whole wish has been amazing! I was shocked when I arrived and saw the red carpet; the film was magnificent. Thank you to everyone who made this possible!”

Samir on the red carpet!



Samir’s Mum, Samira, said: “Being in a film was one of Samir’s biggest dreams and this dream came true for Samir, thanks to Make-A-Wish. Samir’s filming day was full of surprises and a day we will never forget.”

Samir’s Dad, Elchin, said: “Make-A-Wish makes things which, for us, were impossible to do and words cannot explain how we feel. Visiting Downing Street, being in a high-speed boat…Samir was very, very happy. He said ‘Dad, is this real?’; it was amazing.”

Samir and his family



There are currently 20,000 children and young people in the UK fighting a life-threatening condition and this year alone 1,400 children will turn to Make-A-Wish to have their wish granted. The charity needs to raise £6.8 million in 2012 to achieve this.

To make a donation to Make-A-Wish please visit www.make-a-wish.org.uk or telephone 01276 40 50 60.


Many thanks to Ray Morris-Hill for the photographs and press release.  More photos here!

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    I'm looking forward to seeing the film.

    What a great idea Samir!

    Thank You for doing it.

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    Looks great!  Can't wait to see the whole film.  Best wishes, Samir!

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    Kid you are awsome

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    Wow, what an incredibly motivating story on all levels.  The make a wish foundation currently has donation buckets in the united states Sam's club.  I saw it yesterday and though why is this so empty?  Such a worthy cause!  People do not realize even the smallest donation makes a difference, it all adds up!!!!   So people if your reading this in the USA and your going to a Sams club i would encourage you to throw in a few bucks or even your change.....The bucket is located next to the concession stand!!!  They should put it next to the EXIT so everyone can find it!!! Have a great day!!

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    No any game from young boy?

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    Love the ad on the bus!

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       So sad to to see a child with these kind of desase.

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    God Bless u kid

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    Very nice story and I hope he pulls through. If he can defeat Dr. Capablanca, he can do anything!

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    We create all these "cool stuff", and market them as "increasing your standard of living"...when in reality all we are doing is killing ourselves slowly.

    Cancer and other "cool stuff" diseases are an endemic in "advanced societies". Who will come forward and make the hard decisions to stop the killing of humanity for the sake of greed? Where is Superman when you need him?

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    Es realmente un sueño realizado!!

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    Great story,hope he does well!

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    The wheels on the bus go nom nom nom

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    Very nice!

    God Bless

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    This movie sounds awesome!

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    Where is the film?

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    That little girl in the family shot looks really angry, maybe she's jealous of big brother! 

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