Caruana to Play in 2013 US Champs?

  • SonofPearl
  • on 13/12/12, 14:22.

fabiano caruana 6 larger.jpgThe 20 year-old Italian-American Grandmaster Fabiano Caruana has expressed an interest in playing in the 2013 US Chess Championships.

Caruana was born in Miami but relocated to Europe with his family when he was 12. He is now rated #5 in the world, and is the world's strongest junior by a wide margin.

However, it is unclear whether Caruana would be eligible to play. Despite having dual citizenship of the US and Italy, the US Championship is regarded as a Zonal event by FIDE, and since Caruana plays for Italy he may not be eligible to take part.

If Caruana took part in the 2013 US Championships it would certainly add an extra dimension to the event, but should he be allowed to play? Have your say in the comments...

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    Genius, they obviously mean Carlsen.  Why they're talking about it here is a mystery.

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    @ Nick... you meant Caruana, not Carlsen?

    Carlsen playing in the US Championship is Naka's greatest knightmare!

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    Carlsen has had a very pampered and controlled rise to the top of the Chess World.  My understanding is he has never won an open/swiss in his lifetime. All his claim to fame is a result of winning invitationals against selected opponents.  His results in match play and the candidates (the ones he chose to participate and didn't chicken out) has been less the stellar. Until he can seal the deal and win the WC, to me he is nothing more than a flash in the pan.

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    why debate on which side he plays for, there are many world champs out there, that does not get the chance to play world class figures..i myself can beat him and any master out there. i challenge any master any where in the world to play me. and the onle way to win is by check mate, and not becasue an internet connection loses its ready right now, for all to see, dont let my ratings fool u, as i have 20 plus years reality he is representing the us nomatter what side he plays for, after all the name America , is an italian name.

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    you are right thepepp92

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    I really hope they let him play!!!! And i would love for him to win!!

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    Fabiano should play and he has enough chance to win the title

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    Caruana should decide which country he will represent.  If he wants to represent the US then he should play for the US in all international team events as well as the US championship.  He should not be allowed to participate in the US championship while still representing Italy in international team events and while participating in the Italian championship.  

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    Are you guys all retards?? pick one counrty and represent it. Whats so special about the US?? Why Doesnt Wang Ho of China compete for the english championship. you all sound stupid. You all sound like fan boys who are cheering on for your favorite chess player based on reasons you cant even unserstand in chess. thats why there is a federation to keep things in order. Do you guy think Curanaa is cute or something? Do you just want to see the players playing more chess tournements? but playing in a country not of your respresentation kind of ruins it ,.... thatxs why we have international tournys as well as a world chess championship

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    i'd like to see caruana in the tournament. it would be very exciting, look at his performance in bilbao final masters.  

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    Is nakamura going to play in italian championship... I hope he does

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    maybe melvinbluestome says it best.... " the crux of the problem is FIDE" with caruna playing in the US and with promoting world chess in general...

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    As has already been stated, the crux of the problem is with FIDE, or more specifically, with a technicality in their rules. A player is only allowed one FIDE affiliation, and Caruana's is with the Italian Chess Federation (FSI). So in the WCC qualification process, he is automatically situated in Zone 1 (actually Zone 1.1c). The US Championship is a zonal event in itself. So if the USCF did allow him to play, and he won, he would represent Zone 2 (Zone 2.1 is the US). But if he also won in the zone of his italian affiliation, Zone 1, he could then, theoretically, have to play himself!  Personally, I would love to see Caruana in the US Championship. The potential for further confusing an already complex and somewhat unpopular system is irresistable......

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    It does not matter whether or not Caurana is a US citizen. It does not matter whether or not letting him play in the US championship would be "good for chess". The only thing that matters is the answer to this question: Under which federation does Caurana play? The US chess championship is a special tournament to decide who is the "best" player for the US federation. If Caurana wants to play, nothing is stopping him. There is no "bad guy" hindering him. He only has to play for the US instead of for Italy. He only has to switch federations. 

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    He's a dual citizen,an american-italian. For the seek of chess, and be an additional showcase chess talent for 2013 chesschamp,Caruana should be allowed to compete. His fate should determine if he's really the best tough junior chess in the world. Kudos to Caruana for playing 2013 US chess championship.

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    "Who cares what country logo is attached to his helmet.  It is the beauty of the play that inspires, not the paper flag on the table.  Human achievement  knows no borders."

    Exactly. Who cares where a person is from or where he lives? I dislike other sports for creating battles between geographic regions and states. Chess shouldn't get into the country mentality. Let him play.

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    It's the same in many other sports....let Fabiano play where he wants , both countries should be honored to have such player, the world is flat.

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    Who cares what country logo is attached to his helmet.  It is the beauty of the play that inspires, not the paper flag on the table.  Human achievement  knows no borders.  

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    My solution is simple!  Let Caruana select WHICH Country he wants to represent and allow that; but it should be ONE and not two!!

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