Boris Spassky Seriously Ill

  • SonofPearl
  • on 23/09/10, 09:48.

Russian news sources are reporting that the former world champion, Boris Vasilievich Spassky is seriously ill, having been hospitalized after suffering a stroke.

Spassky, now 73 years old, fully recovered from a previous stroke in 2006, but the tone of news reports suggest that this time it is more serious, and the tenth world champion is fighting for his life.

Spassky was world chess champion from 1969 until 1972, taking the title from Tigran Petrosian and losing it to Bobby Fischer.

Best wishes for a speedy recovery, Boris Vasilievich!

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    bless u :)

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    Borris in spite of its last disease is better! I met and played against GMI spassky, because it directed as coach the French team in the Nineties 2000. of course I lost, but I am his career since the years 1975, I were young and already for me it was the champion of all times, as well as Kasparov. today I reassure you it am better, and intend to make a tournament in Russia during the summer… That god keeps this champion in good health, and too

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    Mr. Boris Spassky...   A true champion that many fail to realize his genious knowledge in chess. Bobby Fisher had to learn the russian language to study russian books to have a chance at defeating the great Spassky because he failed so many times before. I personally feel that Spassky was the better player. Now my idol is in need of support and prayer, not chess praise. I pray that u recover fully Mr. Spassky. And i hope ur health gets stronger. God bless u and ur family

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    Is there any remover of difficulties save God....

    My best wishes to his recovery

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    Best Regards.

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    IM Kacparov


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    The latest reports say that Boris Spassky is conscious again and in a stable condition.

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    The chess community are with you Sir Boris!!

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    MY prayers go to Boris and his family,one of the greatest chess tactician !May the Good God be with you during this hard times that you are undergoing.

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    Boris Spassky
    was one of the best players of all time
    has given so much to the world of chess
    I hope he recovers soon!

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    Boris is my favorite player of all time. I still maintain if he and Bobby had played their WCC match when Boris was at his peak and without the mind games Bobby used we could well have seen a different result. God be with you Boris and I hope you pull through.

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    Best wishes for a recovery sir.

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    he is a lagend...

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    Get Well Spassky, you can overcome this. I hope you do. You're the best!

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    Get well soon GM Spassky!

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    Young Boris. May God bless him, his family and the world chess community as he is fighting the biggest battle of his life.

    Boris Spassky

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    may god bless him with healthiness and long life!

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    It will be great loss in the world of chess if someone like spassky cannot survive in his greatest battle in life. We wish for your good health spassky. We'll just include you in our prayer.

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    Mr. Spassky served the chess world with great dignity amid some tense historical decades, and his contribution to society through chess speaks volumes about the honor of the man.

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    I met Mr. Spassky many years ago at a California chess tournement ( sponsored by Masson wines) He was truely a gentleman and I was priveledged to get his autograph. Best wishes to you and may you recover soon.

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