Anand to Play FIDE Candidates

  • PeterDoggers
  • on 21/01/14, 01:17.

Soon after his lost World Championship match he wasn't completely sure, but today it became official that Viswanathan Anand will play the FIDE Candidates tournament in March in Khanty-Mansiysk. The other participants are Vladimir Kramnik, Dmitry Andreikin, Veselin Topalov, Shakhriyar Mamedyarov, Levon Aronian, Sergey Karjakin and Peter Svidler. The news was brought out today by the World Chess Federation.

Today on the FIDE website the following was posted:

FIDE announces that all qualifiers for the Candidates Tournament 2014 in Khanty-Mansiysk have confirmed their participation: 

1. Viswanathan Anand (IND, former world champion) 
2. Vladimir Kramnik (RUS, world cup 2013 winner) 
3. Dmitry Andreikin (RUS, world cup 2013 finalist) 
4. Veselin Topalov (BUL, grand-prix 2012-13 winner) 
5. Shakhriyar Mamedyarov (AZE, grand-prix 2012-13 runner-up) 
6. Levon Aronian (ARM, rating list 2012-13) 
7. Sergey Karjakin (RUS, rating list 2012-13) 
8. Peter Svidler (RUS, host nominee) 

The pairings will be announced by 13 February. 

The exact schedule of the event: 

11 March: Arrivals 
12 March: Opening Ceremony & Players Meeting 
13-15 March: Rounds 1-3 
16 March: Free day 
17-19 March: Rounds 4-6 
20 March: Free day 
21-23 March: Rounds 7-9 
24 March: Free day 
25-27 March: Rounds 10-12 
28 March: Free day 
29-30 March: Rounds 13-14 
31 March: Tiebreaks / Closing ceremony 
1 April: Departures 

Detailed technical regulations are published in the FIDE handbook:


After he lost the World Championship match to Magnus Carlsen in November, Anand said that he wasn't sure if he would participate in Khanty. The 44-year-old Indian wanted to make up his mind after the Zurich Chess Challenge, which is played in the first week of February, but FIDE set a deadline on January 20th. If Anand had said no, Fabiano Caruana would have been his substitute.

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  • 2 anni fa


    LOL...joke is on most of you...LOL..Anand won.

  • 3 anni fa


    very interesting

  • 3 anni fa


    Chucky should get a free ticket to all tournaments, let´s put a petition to FIDE, there is only one... Go Chucky GOOOOOOOOOO!!!

  • 3 anni fa


    Aronian or Kramnik for 1st. 

  • 3 anni fa


    The host country always gets a free ticket, last time I checked. 

  • 3 anni fa


    It's Curaçao 1962 all over again!

  • 3 anni fa

    NM Petrosianic

    it's silly that rating does not determine who qualifies.  or that 2012 rating is relevant.

  • 3 anni fa


    Anand seems to be a very nice person, but he has unfortunately not performed well in tournaments over the last year as is evidenced by his current ranking of 9th in the world.  So, it is actually unlikely that he will win the Candidates Tourney.  

  • 3 anni fa


    Pleased to see that Anand is playing.

  • 3 anni fa


    Kramnik, easily perhaps!

  • 3 anni fa


    Hoped to see Caruana and Nakamura... Disappointed to say the least. (And yeah, I know that earning your spot in the Candidates can also go via being a finalist or winner of other tournaments, like Topalov, Andreikin and Mamedyarov)

  • 3 anni fa


    Kramnik should be #1. His  name begins and ends with K so that proves it.

    At least Nakamura got a K for a third letter. But Carlsen only has a C.

    Kapablanca lives! Wht do you think Fischer avoided Karpov and later Kasparov?

  • 3 anni fa

    CM DaPazz

    these candidates! Topalov has only favorable score against Carlsen! but in return he (Topalov) is at a disadvantage against Anand and Kramnk

  • 3 anni fa


    Whats the criterion for the qualifiers?

    No Nakamura or Caruana.

  • 3 anni fa


    I would put Kramnik down as the clear favorite, but it could also be Aronian. A match with Kramnik and Carlsen would be incredible and very strong.

  • 3 anni fa


    I'm aware of that. It won't be as interesting because I won't get to see so many 'experts' predict Carlsen will not win the tournament, and then turn out to be wrong.

  • 3 anni fa


    I belive Kramnik is the ideal player for the nextcome world match, he deserves it ! 

  • 3 anni fa


    Kramnik is the obvious favorite. You can support Kramnik here on by joining Vladimir Kramnik Club.

  • 3 anni fa


    @Alpenbock: Then against Fischer, now against Anand?

  • 3 anni fa


    It's time to hunt Carlsen's head Tongue Out

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