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  • Formata: 26 nov 2009
  • You have been invited to join the KABOOMERS. To help you improve your game we have a mentoring program, fun puzzles for you to solve and a pyramid tournament! We participate in standard, thematic and chess960 team and vote chess matches. We would like you to join the group!

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  • Have a good 'n me friends, yo! ;)

    da thegab03 3 anni fa

  • Happy New Year to all

    da ksbalan04 3 anni fa

  • Hey, this sounds like a fun group. If anyone is interested in mentoring a fellow chess fan, please hit me up! :) Cheers

    da Boogalicious 3 anni fa

  • Hi Jon, it sure a does, gotta get more active, yo!

    da thegab03 5 anni fa

  • People, pls a listen a up, we is needing help to get this group back on it's a feet, so we is looking for people to run & control, team matches, VC, forums & so on, if yous feel that yous can a help & are a premium member, please PM a me, thx, yo!

    da thegab03 6 anni fa

  • Tikitaka ya narbuch, we is afraid of nought, yo!

    da thegab03 6 anni fa


    da Tikitaka 6 anni fa

  • Thanks brother, amen,,,,

    da Vjgator 7 anni fa

  • plz join this group .....

    da muthuanju 7 anni fa

  • I'm sorry Bullshark, but i can't stand online games anymore, I'm trying to finish them all.

    da Relentless95 7 anni fa