Anand vs Carlsen (2014)

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    Anyhow we come to know who is the next challenger. I am opening this forum to discuss about our current champion strength and weakness as well as our challenger Carlsen.

    Please Share your views.

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    November 2013 actually.

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    I expect a another level of chess between Anand vs Carlsen. For Anand nothing to prove to this world. He won the WC in 3 different format which no one acheived it. I doubt any one will break this record in future. He can handles different position very nicely. He can change his style of play at anytime. I feel only possiblity if Anand defeat himself by loosing his concentration, but this is very rare. If people argue that Carlsen will drain Anand in draw position, but Anand faced this kind people earlier. Example Anand played against Topalov with Sofia rule.

    I can't find anything how Carlsen going to handle Anand.

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    Oh i have not check properly for the world championshipt schedule. Sorry for that.

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    And when will be the next one? In 2016?

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    My prediction:

    A well-prepared Anand will tend to get better positions from the openings, but the much younger Carlsen will tend to do better in the fourth and fifth hours of the game.

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    He will be older in 2014.

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    As a result: all 12 games will end in a draw. Anand will win the 4th tie-break rapid game... 

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    netzach wrote:

    He will be older in 2014.

    Only on Planet Ivanchuk does time run backwards!

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    Somebody stick a fork in Anand. I think he may be done.

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    I have to be honest. I thought Magnus would go into the Candidates and win by a far greater margin. Now, after having just scraped the win, I imagine the title match its going to be very close. With such preparation time and knowing your opponent for half a year prior, ratings have to play a lesser role than they would otherwise.

    Bring on the title match! I'm excited!...

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    First, I hope they won't find a sponsor easily so the match will take place in 2014, not this year. After all, we already had a world title match in 2012. A match every year will diminish the prestige of the world champion title. In the good old days the champion had a 3 years reign and during those 3 years he would play tournaments as anybody else, showing his true worth without the fear of revealing his opening repertoire. Even the chess olympiads are played every 2 years, not every year. What we have now is an Anand who stays put, in continuous state of preservation ready for the next imminent challenge, which is not good for chess.

    Second, I hope that the match will be longer, at least 16 games, but maybe better 20 games, in any case not the 12-game jokes that were happening in the recent years. In a 12-game match there is no margin for error, hence the drawish games. You won't see any wonders like the two 16th game from the matches Kasparov - Karpov of '85 and '86, but only boring Catalans and Semislavs.

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    Carlsen will win. Surely he will prepare his openings better. It is Magnus' time.

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    Suvel_Karmarkar wrote:



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    Please, just don't have it in a shithole like India.

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    What about somewhere different? Like here?

    Downtown Sydney with Ian Rogers as the commentator. Laughing

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    I like to see Carlsen to face Anand in Chennai Hot summer. Let see how he will over come this first challenge. Why should world champion to travel.

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    Yeah and then when Carlsen wins anyway, they can have a rematch in Oslo in the winter

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