live 960

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    is live 960 in the works? 

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    I don't know...
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    Me neither.

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    I think Erik said something about this in the IMs vs the world match, but not much. He said bughouse might come sooner, and that they are currently working on live chess tournaments.

    Don't quote this because I might be remembering it inaccurately.

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    Bughouse would be great.

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    Anyone an idea where I can watch some matches? Ive found one or two on youtube, but Id like to see more (and preferably live) matches.


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    There are internet chess servers that support Chess960 (calling it frc, for "Fischer Random Chess"). In particular a very famous and popular one. Usually there are one or two frc games going on there, even in the quiet hours. (The command "games /w" shows you all "wild" games, which includes the frc.)

    Unfortunately mentioning the name of that server invariably gets your posts deleted here.

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