How to get titles like FM, IM, NM, GM

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    I think you should just try to get better. You need to be really good to get CM (2200 FIDE I think) and your rating on here is 1700.

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    You could try buying a title, I've heard of that working in the past.

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    PLay fide rated tournaments. I think thats the only way!

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    You can also become a BM (Bongcloud Master).

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    what the others (except ivandh and powerlevel) is true. you need to improve your rating to 2000 fide or 2200 USCF.

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    You can buy a CM title? Like publically? Ivandh said bribery, but that's frowned  upon...

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    Actually, the bribery route is pretty common in the chess world.  Not with the USCF or FIDE, but the title "National Master" can be bought for a price.  Just find some small, pliable, third-world country where chess is not much of a tradition (think Liberia or the Cote d'Ivoire) and bribe some minister to charter a national chess federation there "modelled" on the USCF but native to that particular nation.  Then for a price they will award you a "National Master" title.  It's really no different than buying into the English peerage. 

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    In order to be a CM, you have to be a ceramic maker.

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    Drawyah wrote:

    CM = Candidate Master. 2000-2199 USCF. USCF promoted this title years ago instead of Expert, but it never caught on.

    FM = FIDE Master. Honorary title given masters for scoring well per FIDE guidelines . For me, back in the 80's, I had to score over 60% against title players in three separate events, facing a minimum of titled player in each event. The events had to be within a couple years. I played in a couple round robin events in Minneapolis, and I played in two Midwest Masters in Chicago.

    IM = International Master. Same as FM but the performance requirements are tougher. (I have an ICCF IM title where I had to score well but in correspondence chess. Somewhat the same.)

    GM = Grandmaster. Requires a higher rating (> 2400 maybe >2450) and with yet even tougher performance requirements.

    Larry Kaufman got his GM title by winning the World Senior Chess Championship, so there are exceptions in how one can obtain a title. But usually it takes playing in several events of the right type, and then scoring well.

    I thought GM required 2500.

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    You're from Mexico.  That's one of the countries in which you could probably pull this scheme off!

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