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Sevilla 13.8.4

  • Data di rilascio: December 2009
    Inviato da: prof_awh
    Inviato il: 09/03/10, 21:22
    Categoria: Gestione Tornei
    Editore: JBF Softwares
    OS: Win 95/98/XP/Vista .........
    Licenza: Free
    Nome del file:
    Dimensioni della cartella: 2.795MB
    Download: 4550
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Features : Sevilla is a tournament management program for various games and sports with two players or teams competing per match. Originally it was designed for Chess and other sports with a maximum of three results (win, draw, loss) but now it supports minor scores. This makes Sevilla now a perfect competition manager for Football, Basketball, Chess team and most other leagues, too.

Sevilla runs on Microsoft Windows based systems. It was tested on Windows 98 SE, NT4, Windows 2000, XP, ME and Vista but is expected to work fine on Windows 95 as well.

Various kinds of tournament types are already supported, and new ones will be added as development on this issue still continues. Already most of the competiting tournament managers support less types than Sevilla which supports:

    * Swiss on rating (Dutch)
    * Swiss on Buchholtz/Sonneborn Berger
    * Swiss on Dubov
    * Swiss on Lim
    * Keizer - popular on Dutch clubs, in various variations, on ranking, TPR and "Sevilla percentage"
    * Round robin, both Berger (standard) and Rutsch
    * Amsterdams

Other pairing systems are considered to be included in future releases. All systems can be used with or without delay. The tournaments can concern individual players or team events; in that case the team may consist of individuals.

Sevilla does not impose a limit on the number of players or the number of playing rounds. The only limit is the one caused by the size of your memory. Also you don't have to know in advance how many rounds there will be played. You just add a new round each time one is started. This is ideal for lengthy club competitions and for blitz tournaments where no exact round limit can be known in advance.


  • by agl75


    a good practical program!!! 

  • by spraveen2

    What is the pasword?

  • by MJ4H


    (made a comment here about deceptively calling this free when it is a demo only, but it turns out it is free to license it from demo to full version--extra hurdle for no apparent reason, but whatever)

  • by egycottonbrocker

    i just downloded it , i will use it now then i ll write my opinion

  • by jonpall

    I am beeing asked about password?!

  • by xstagex


    It is working just fine.

  • by megazeroro

    wont work

  • by Pircman1

    Good Stuff

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