now in German, Spanish, French, & Dutch!

Today is a HUGE day for! Our site is now available in German, Spanish, French, and Dutch! Hats off to the development team AND to all the members who volunteered as translators! Thank you so much!

If you want to view the site in one of the languages above, simply select your preferred language from the menu in your Profile Settings, or even easier: Just click on this link in the footer:

(You can switch languages any time you like!)

And if your preferred language isn't available yet, don't worry! Chances are we're working on it - and maybe you can help make it happen sooner! Click here to become a translator!



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    I notice that you have not translated the site to my native language--Pig Latin.

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    That's really cool.

    But why isn't the notation translated as well? Guess, this would have been the easiest part of the whole exercise, wouldn't it?

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    Vielen Dank! I love that my language is available here.  It's nice for new members because they can get along better. But of course the main content remains in English which might be disappointing to some of the people who thought the site would be fully translated. E.g. you have a German link for "Lernpläne" and then you go there and find the "Study Plan directory" where you have to understand Englishquite well to know what to do. So we don't really have a German content website, but just a German language surface to an English content website. I'm fine with this, cause it would be very hard to translate all the stuff to other languages and in most cases isn't really necessary. 

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    Were the google translates reviewed recently since a couple of weeks ago I switched back from Dutch to English since some of the Dutch was quite difficult to understand?

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    Big job! You were brave to tackle it. :)

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    Nice to know you're doing all these good things but what about the live tourney sheet Erik said we would have more than a year ago?

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    Awesome! I like it, especially spanish wich will allow many people here from South America to enjoy the site better; next step could be Portuguese cause ( though i haven't seem african speakers of this language here) there are really a lot of brazilians n portugueses here; anyway i'm one volunteer to translate.

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    Good news! just a comment: on the spanish version the resign button it's almost no visible. Can i fix that? how? I use it all the time ... ;)

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    I second! India is definitely in need of more translations, and there are dozens of people who would help. How about starting with Hindi , Bengali, and Telugu?

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    expecting MALAYALAM too

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    Do you even have any plans of adding Indian languages for translation?

    India is second in terms of number of users in this site, yet many European languages are there which have fractional amount of speakers than India's main languages. 

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    Please add Serbian so we can translate to it!

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    Can't wait for the klingon translation.

    Super Awesome

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    Love it! Cool

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    Great news, happy that I could've contributed a little to the Dutch version (wow, that sentence was a grammatical disaster Tongue Out)

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