Informant 110

It was hard work preparing Chess Informant 110. Final result makes us really proud! Hope you would share the feeling. I think that we are on a good way to retain old glory of CI, whatever time it would take. Check out newsletter info Chess Informant 110 -

Soon I would present some interesting content including new part of the book, CI Labs - Latest chess opening trends from grandmaster's point of view. Btw, I didn't have a chance to be one of CI Labs experts (I need to have higher rating! :))

See you soon guys!

P.S. Anybody have idea why unofficially we called this volume Firebird edition?


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    GM GMTadic


    Chess Informant is a publication, book and CD, that, I could say, keeps the memory of the chess world. It is like that from 1966 when it was established.

    Main part is Games section, devided by ECO codes, that contains more than 300 games (and similar amount of games fragments) played in a four months period and annotated mostly by player's themselves or other GM's. Comments are wordless, in Informant's system of signs that became international standard. Its not English language based because it should be read everywhere on the planet.

    (Btw, could somebody help me how to present games in my blog with all signs from system of signs?). 

    Other sections from Informant 110 are:

    • Best games and Theoretical novelties from previous issue, chosen by international grandmaster's jury.
    • Combinations (again from four months period, which stands for everything else)
    • Endings
    • Excellent moves
    • Portrait of Sergey Karjakin (games, combinations, endgames)
    • Chess problems by IGM M.Velimirovic (well known expert)
    • Chess studies by IM Y.Afek (well known expert)
    • Tournament review (cross tables, data)
    • CI Labs - original "latest opening fashion", five theoretical articles by chosen GM's with basic explanations in English

    I guess I forgot something.

    Yes I did!

    • Modern chess theory column with theoretical articles in ECO style.

    I hope I explain it a little bit Smile! Thank you for asking. Simply, I am forgetting that it's not obvious that people should know about Informant.

    And let me finish with famous quote, as Gary Kasparov once said, "We are all children of Informant"!

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    the chess informant encyclopedia of chess combinations, the book... does it contain puzzles or just the combinations without tests? i couldnt get any information on this

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    Firebird in a way a phoenix.

    Phoenix inflame when they become too old and their time to die has come. Then they will reborn out of the ash more powerful and more beautiful then ever before.

    :P so... the same way as CI does.

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    Hmm.. does it have anything to do with the Phoenix, that was born out of the ashes?

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    Very interesting !

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