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   Hey everyone!

   It's time to kick to is blog back up into something resembling a worthy-to-read blog here on I'm going back to the more personal way of doing things while not worrying so much about Group recaps since there aren't that many shows these days that I can or know how to recap. Pardon our Blunders is still bi-weekly, but other shows like Your Games Analyzed or The BIG Show will only happen from time to time now.

   So here I am again, going back to my roots, so to speak, and I really don't know what I am going to focus on. It could be a chess news event, a personal blog about chess, or basically whatever I feel like I need to say. Other than that, let's roll.

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    • "The Knight's Fork Weekly" to DEBUT NEXT WEEK!

      [Blog History]      During the very beginning part of last year, I came up with this blog subject of going into LIVE Chess and following the Top Games, or other high profile games that are playing and posting some of the ones I thought were p... | Leggi tutto

    • It's TOURNAMENT Time Everyone! New Set Of TOURNEYS Begins!

      [Blog History]      What's up tourney addicts?      Last year I ran a set of 64-player KO tournaments throughout many ratings groups that seemed to go over well with a lot of good games. Well, it's that time again! Using the same ratings... | Leggi tutto

    • It's NOT "Ouchtown" for DANNY RENSCH!!

      [Blog History]           As's most notable personality, IM Danny Rensch’s broadcasts “top the charts” with fun and here we have an EXCLUSIVE Q&A with this true Chess King. The shows of wide variety that he has hoste... | Leggi tutto

    • Come On Komodo, Let's See How Hard You Bite!

      [Blog History]      First off, summarizing the picture head used for this blog entry, is that how you're supposed to feel when playing against this engine? Yes? No?? Well, honestly I felt like a human buffet table going up against this thing ... | Leggi tutto

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      [Blog History]        As some of you may know, we here at the Group have started a series of Q&As with all the talented and entertaining Hosts of Chess TV broadcasts. Our original intent was to only post them in the Group... | Leggi tutto

    • EXCLUSIVE Q&A with CEO Erik!

      [Blog History] You'll FIND HIS ANSWERS HERE…      It was a little more than a decade ago that founder and CEO Erik and his friend, Jay, got together and decided the world needed a better chess site for players worldwide to play, learn, sha... | Leggi tutto

    • Exclusive Q&A with GM Melik KHACHIYAN

      [Blog History]    Former student of WC Tigran Petrosian, GM Melikset Khachiyan has lots to say about chess--and life--in our exclusive Group interview!      Over the years, GM Melik has become a staple of, and f... | Leggi tutto

    • FIDE 2016 Candidates Coverage First Impressions --- What Were They Thinking??

      [Blog History]      Like many others, I was looking forward to the 2016 Candidates Tournament with high hopes of being entertained by witty commentators, interviews with the players, and some really good chess games.      It was 4:30 am... | Leggi tutto

    • Chess TV's Q&A with GM HIKARU NAKAMURA

      [Blog History]        The year was 1972 and American chess was on fire. In Iceland, Robert James "Bobby" Fischer had a date with destiny: to become the "King" of the Chess World (even though in his mind he already was) by defeating the World... | Leggi tutto


      Well, if you haven't heard about the amazing programming on Marathon Monday, here's yet another chance to get in on the action! There's something for everyone, so check out the shows in our line-up today:   FIRST up:  MAN vs. MACHINE at 12pm P... | Leggi tutto