Imitating Boris Gulko, Part IV (English/Español)

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You'll have to excuse me for not putting this article up sooner. My friend, Gomi, invited me to go on vacation with him and his family. And you just don't reject Islands and Fun. Back to Chess Smile I am going to use English and Spanish in this article so that a few of my Spanish speaking students who don't speak any English won't feel left out.

In this article you will find two videos on the opening stage of Gulko-Radjabov. One is in English and the other is in Spanish. En este artículo encontrarás dos videos sobre la primera etapa de Gulko-Radjabov. Uno está en Inglés Americano y el otro en algo parecido al Español.

By the way, I sound a little angry but I'm not. A little hungry? As always. But I wasn't mad Cool Sometimes you'll find me screaming at you and rambling but, trust me, I do it from the bottom of my heart.

Gulko-Radjabov, Malmö 2001, Opening Stage (English)

Gulko-Radjabov, Malmö 2001, Etapa de Apertura (Español)

Now read the material below and answer the questions to check your understading./Ahora lee el material que sigue y responde a las preguntas para chequear to comprensión.

Time Advantage.jpeg

Time Advantage Spanish.jpeg

#1 How did Gulko get a time advantage? Gulko cómo obtuvo una ventaja de tiempo?

His opponent gave it to him while avoiding main lines in the Pirc. Su oponente se la dio cuando quiso evitar las líneas principales de la Pirc.

#2 In the following position does White have an advantage in time? En la siguiente posición, es qué el Blanco tiene una ventaja de tiempo?

browne gulko philidor.jpg

No, Black's dark-squared Bishop is well placed; Black's King will be comfortable in the centre. White's ability to castle will not be significant as both Kings belong in the centre because it's an Endgame. No, el Alfil oscuro del Negro está bien ubicada; el Rey del Negro está cómodo en el centro. Enrocarse no trae ninguna ventaja al Blanco porque en este final los Reyes pertenecen en el centro.

#3 What thing does Gulko first tell us we have to do when we have a time advantage? Qué es la primera cosa que Gulko nos dice que deberíamos hacer cuando tenemos en ventaja de tiempo?

We have to create/find/identify at least one object of attack. Tenemos que crear/encontrar/identificar por lo menos un objeto de ataque.

#4 Why is e5 a good object of attack after 6...Kxd8 in Gulko-Radjabov? Por qué e5 es un buen objeto de ataque tras la jugada 6...Rxd8 en Guko-Radjabov?

Because White can pin it and force Black to react defensively which will help him create more objects of attack. Porque el Blanco lo puede clavar y obligar al Negro reaccionar defensivament lo cual le va ayudar crear más objetos de ataque.

#5 If Black copies White, what happens? Si el Blanco copia el Negro, qué pasa?

#6 Does Gulko study classic games? Es qué Gulko estudia partidas clásicas?

Yes, he does. Sí, lo hace.

#7 What is Gulko's second piece of advice for when you have a time advantage? Qué es el segundo consejo que Gulko nos da cuando tenemos una ventaja de tiempo?

You have to create tension, make the position sharper. Tienes que crear tension, afilar la posición.

#8 Which of the following positions is sharp? Cual de estas dos posiciones es afilada?

The first position is sharp while the second is about as sharp as a bowling ball. La primera posición es afilada mientras que la segunda no es.

#9 Why is 10...f5 a bad move? Por qué 10...e5 es una mala jugada?

In general, you shouldn't play active moves if you are at a disadvantage. En general, no deberías jugar jugadas activas cuando tienes una desventaja.

#10 Why did Gulko show this game first in his book? Por qué Gulko pone esta partida al principio del libro?

Because it's important to learn how to play with a time advantage since it's so common in practice. Porque es importante saber jugar con una ventaja de tiempo por lo que sucede tanto en práctica.

Bent Larsen was a world class Grandmaster but in the next two games it didn't stop him from getting punished for neglecting his development. If it can happen to Larsen then it can happen to you or your opponent.


Time Advantage 21.jpeg

Time Advantage 22 Spanish.jpeg


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    Simply Squarology is the most generous and fun master that exists on the face of the earth, the stuff that I know about chess , I owe to him. Enjoy his knowledge.¡Y que vivan las yeguas!  Cool 

    Att: Gomi Laughing

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    IM Squarology

    @JustWandering, hey, man, thanks a lot for the comments. I definitely feel like I have a lot of room for improvement with the videos. I know exactly what you mean by tangents and losing momentum. I've already recorded some videos that follow the same format as this one but in the future I hope to make some really good videos.

    PS Forces of gravity are still dileberating on that one.

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    Awesome article per-usual. Like the new youtube add on you got there. Like how you're always keeping the audience engaged. Feels like I'm talking with you 1 on 1. May I also add, your commentary is quite humorous yet informative. However at times, I feel like you go off on tangents and lose momentum. Not all the time, but I wish you could be a little more straightforward. But thanks for taking the time to make these detailed articles. It's quite rich and unique. Keep up the good work!


    Green turtleshell > Red turtleshell

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    IM Squarology

    @Kojonotsuki, You are totally right, man! Ivanchuk didn't have a problem losing the right to castle. By the way, Black played really well in that game.

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    Dear Squarology, I've played chess for many years, and although I am not a great player I would say that recent game between Ivanchuk and Hristos Zygouris at the Gibraltar Open is a good example about loosing the castling option and not being underdeveloped. Inthis game black do not have any time advantage. Did I understand well the concept, teacher? Thanks for the article, very instructive!

    You can see the game I'm talking about at the News section.

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    FM VPA

    I relished it & so my KissKissKiss

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    IM Squarology

    hello, all, I am glad you enjoyed my series of articles Smile And I believe is translating their site to other languages. Spanish isn't just an important language, it's also shared by millions of people who respect and enjoy chess so for sure we should share more information in Spanish.

    Gracias, amigos, por leer el artículo Smile Suerte!

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    The last game is one of my favurites. I love the move 21...Na1, which was key to the win.

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    NM Petrosianic

    very aesethetic and great videos!  i enjoyed how the development advantage was put into practice.  the principles espoused in your materials presented are easy for the consumer to follow; the execution of these principles is less so [the double meaning on 'execution' was not intended Wink].

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    That's great chessology from IM Squarology !

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    muy util la verdad, muy buena explicacion, gracias, i have learnt a lot, thank you

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    NM GargleBlaster

    These are easily the best articles on

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    Although I am fully bilingual in English and Spanish I have not enough words in either English or Spanish to express how happy it makes me reading some pages in in both English and Spanish... Kudos! ¡Y muchas gracias!

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    These are fun to read!  Keep them coming!

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    I really appreciate all of the hard work you put into this aritcle (making the videos, translating everything from English to Spanish, finding examples of games where one side used a time advantage, etc. etc.).....


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