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  • 5 mesi fa


    Thanks again Coach

  • 17 mesi fa


    Melik, I'm a big fan but you really should have re-recorded this. Great explanation of prophylactic thinking but errors in analysis should have required your corrections.

  • 21 mesi fa


    An enjoyable lesson - there should be more videos made like this! Cool

  • 23 mesi fa


    Thank you... it was a very nice instructive video. Kindly do make this type of videos; its very very good. thank you once more...it changes a players perception to c the chess board rather than just calculations.. and all...:)

  • 24 mesi fa


    how is the game over at 8:14, which the black queen is protecting that f5 square?

  • 24 mesi fa


    At 8:39 White has Qc1+ mate. but i still love your videos, Melik.Smile

  • 24 mesi fa

    NM CraiggoryC

    Usually Melik's videos are great (Dvoretsky-esque), but the missed mates were very distracting. Hopefully there is a retraction or another Melik video on the same topic soon!

  • 24 mesi fa


    At 8:38, after overlooking Rxe4, Qc1+ leading to a mate for black, Melik proceeds to mate black with 2 white queens, and then says, "Very simple". Looks like the video needs an overhaul.

  • 24 mesi fa


    yes, I noticed it too.  


  • 24 mesi fa


    Most of your videos are exclams, but this one was a blunder.  I'm looking forward to seeng you start a new series.

  • 24 mesi fa

    FM Nemo_Nobody

    Missing backrank checkmate after Re4 once or twice. Also I don't understand why after miscalculating (7:14) you don't go back and delete (edit) the video but instead leave miscalculations in it.

    Other then that, a good topic and an interesting position.

  • 24 mesi fa


    Very instructive, but has a miscalculation Qc1 after Rxe4!

  • 24 mesi fa


    No doubt that GM Khachiyan got his notes mixed up but his general anlalysis and, more importantly, his teaching point is still valid. When you make a plan, you must also consider how your opponent can oppose that plan and then make any neccesary prophylactic moves to prepare your planned continuation. If you play without considering and addressing your opponent's ideas, then you're just play "hope chess" as NM Heisman terms it.

  • 24 mesi fa


    Maybe at 8:34 instead of Rxe4 you meant Qd5+? Then if Kh7 Qxf5 wins. And after Kh8 e8=Q should be mating shortly. I haven't checked with the computer but it seems to work.

  • 24 mesi fa


    Thank you Grandmaster Melik.

  • 24 mesi fa


    @8:36, doesn't black win after Qc1+, then there is no defense to the mate!!!

    I'm a little confused..

  • 24 mesi fa


    Bobby Fischer..Anything to win


    a good documentary, watch it later

  • 24 mesi fa


    Yea Rxe4 isn't possible in any variation. Weird that you spot advanced variations more clearlySurprised

  • 24 mesi fa


    It is already at 5.57: Why fxe4? There is a mate before that with Queen to the first rank.

  • 24 mesi fa


    Great video.

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