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    Thank you Grand Master.

  • 23 mesi fa


    Nicely played game, thanks for showing the winning continuations that you missed. Missing 3 wins in 1 game must have damaged the confidence a bit, it would have to mine... but in a good way it's kinda reassuring that high-level GM's such as yourself are just as prone to these tactical blunders such as me, rated ~1650. Top game overall great analysis! Cool

  • 24 mesi fa


    LOL @ 6:09.

  • 24 mesi fa


    Yes, I found it by elimination. I could'nt just find another plausible continuation.

  • 24 mesi fa


    Melik, you played fantastic! Bd1 would have been lights out though! The queen is trapped and it has nowhere to go. I calculated something different, but I was sure that it was winning. I was actually really surprised that you had said it was winning.

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    Good job helped me a lot!

  • 24 mesi fa


    I am too old to memorize a bunch of openings and tactics.  I find these self analyses, also like live chess, by Masters to be very informative and interesting.

    I'm talking about finding these amazing people sharing their thought processes to make best chess videos.  I think they help me to better develop my thinking during games.  (not that you would know by my rating lol)

    Great video, GM Khachiycan!!!

  • 24 mesi fa


    Great lecture. Very helpful.

  • 24 mesi fa


    Great lesson regarding the requirement to be tenacious.  One wonders if anyone correctly answered GM Khachiyan's question from the end of Part 1, before he showed us the answers in this video.

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