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    This is great! really challenges me, I hope you do this more often

  • 6 mesi fa


    I can't believe Danny you must be good at blindfold chess.

  • 16 mesi fa


    Danny, I really like your teaching style. Your funny, but you get your serious ideas across. I look for and enjoy your videos. This was really tough for me to follow, but that's your stlye. You always are saying stretch our imaginations and get out of our comfort zones. As usual, good stuff.

  • 21 mesi fa


    That was awesome! I can't believe I managed to follow that. It was a good excersize, and you should make more of these!

  • 22 mesi fa


    where are the pieces?did i get viruses on my computer?

  • 23 mesi fa


    loved it Danny; I think that videos like this deserve a large  place on chess.com !

  • 24 mesi fa


    nice video

  • 24 mesi fa


    Excellent! I would love it if you made more videos like this.Smile

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    I am rated about 1600 in blitz, and i can not follow the analysis without the sight of the board, so i am guessing this video will be very tough for people below 1800-2000 in blitz.

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    It's true this video is too advanced for most, but I'm still glad you made it. I bought a month of premium just because I wanted to watch your videos, no other reason. Had I known how much they'd help me I'd have done this a long time ago.

  • 24 mesi fa

    IM DanielRensch

    Thanks for all the feedback! I've been reading all. 

    Seems like this is hard for most to follow, and maybe kind of kills the joy of the "Live Session" experience a little? Undecided

    So, this format will be rarely repeated... Wink

    Thanks guys!


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    As a beginner , I find this unbelievable, ......Surprised

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    That was cool, but definitely too hard for me. Thanks for trying to keep us all involved though! Your regular live sessions are my favorite part of this site.

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    The board always distracts me. I do better when I don't even watch the video, just listen, then I can follow just about everything danny says.

    And Danny, what's wrong with h3 instead of d5, simply intending e4 without allowing Bg4. Did you mention this in the video?

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    Nice change of pace on a live session.

    I nice way to give the flavor of blindfold and to allow those of us with a tiny hope of being able to one day do the same to try visualizing the board ourselves.

    Note having the empty board to look at helps. I have found when I attempted "intermittent" blind fold chess without a board, I was always surprised how small the board looked once I took a peek. My blindfold mapping is a bit of a patchwork.

    Thanks again.



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    what ever who cares anyway if you have a low rating then you can win lots of monny it's all good

  • 24 mesi fa


    I just deleted a response because I finally got what you were saying about your online rating and my blitz. Simply put, it's obvious you had no idea one way or the other what strength I am compared to you. I guess I took it badly. No big deal.

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  • 24 mesi fa


    my quick rating is 350 ponts lower rated than my regular rating 

  • 24 mesi fa


    And bibbet, the difference in chess.com standard is irrelevant as I haven't played hardly any standard games here in the past 6 months, and I admit I am a terrible blitz and rapid player (thus, I can excuse my result in the dual rated 25-5 where I had the performance rating of 1498).

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