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    I  like the symmetrical variation but I play a different move order, I like playing 1...Nf6 then 2...c5 if my opponent really wants to play the English. I like 1...Nf6 because it allows transposition into some of my favouite 1.d4 lines

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    I must admit my own view would be the same variation as GM. R.D. and have done so, a long time ago in the past. May try it out today given the right opponent. Thanks for the video/info.

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    I can't bring up your video.  Only get commentary.

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    I think that we can't watch on tablets. Only on something that supports adobe flash player.

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    Where is the Vedio

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    Why can I type comments, but notwatch the video?

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    After whites a3 and e6 isnt Bxc6 possible like we saw for black in the same set-up used by white (e3 Bxc3)?

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    Again & again! 3 days without the video fonction!  Super service Chesscom.

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    thanks for the video. enjoyable

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