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    i always mess up in the end game

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    Great skill demonstrated there! Endgames are the area of my own game that needs the most work so I found this very instructive, especially keeping all your pawns on/in 1 island. Thanks for sharing this game! Cool

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    Pleasantly melodious voice with precise comments are this Lady's hallmarks.

    Another outstanding lesson.

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    the video was working on firefox 22.0 under linux, now its not, no media found!  How shall we sleep without those sultry tones? wait, it does work!  my bad! ahhhhh thats better, how soothing.

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    The video is working. Those of you having issues, if you are using Chrome, will you try using a different web browser to view the video, please? 

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    where is the video, i need to hear Camillias soothing voice!

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    Still no video! please webmaster take some actionCry

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    what happend with the video >>???

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    whered the video go?

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    Well worth watching again!  Of particular interest was at 13:50 where GM Baginskaite speaks about the linkage between the movement of her pawn complex earlier, and the ultimate result.

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    Thank you GM Camilla Baginskaite, I enjoyed this video very much. 

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    NM Splane

    From the starting position, I would have played 1. hg4 Rd4 2. f4 followed by  bringing the king to f3. This stops all counterplay on the h-file because h6-h5 can be met by g4-g5. Black has no targets, she can't attack anything with her bishop and her rook has no path to the c4 square so the a4 pawn is immune from attack. 

    Next, the king can be brought to e4 to guard the knight and then the rook can be activated with Rc1. You would have gotten all of the same activity as you got in the game with none of the risks to your kingside pawns and no need for precise calculations. 

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