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    1.d4 Nf6 Indians feature the Queen's Indian Defense as the "Opening Of The Month" every January.  We host 2 Vote Chess games (1 White, 1 Black), 4 Team Matches (u1400, 1400-1600, 1600-1800, 1800+) as well as in-house Tournaments and Forums. 

    The 1.d4 Nf6 Indians explore the White and Black sides of "hypermodern" Indian defenses.  Please join us if you wish to have the opportunity to learn and play this opening in a cooperative group setting.


    Click the Indians mascot to apply. GO INDIANS!

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    I love the game (Part 1, and esp Part II) but 27...Nd6 is no improvement over 27...f6.  28.axb6 axb6 29. Rb1 Nxc4 30. Nxc4 Rxc4 31. Rxb6 Rc2 32. R(d)-b1! =  Now white threatens Rb8 as well as R(6)-b2.  So Sam made the best try.

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    I love the complex middlegame that arised - looking forward to the endgame (part 2) because the endgame is the best part of chess! Awesome Cool

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    This video was really useful to me. Thanks!

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    great video. Thanks for sharing.

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    whats with all the two parters? 

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    Super helpful ... and super relevant!  Nice work, Sam!  I find it interesting to see whether or not there was a draw offer in this game.

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    I like the idea of breaking the game into two parts.

    Looking forward to the endgame.

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    Nice video and easy to follow. Thank you...P.S. FrameWK you are obviously a jerk.

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    you love saying GrandMaster Sam Shankland dont you you cute little yapper

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    Great video, Sam! Thank you for not cutting the endgame analysis short. I really appreciate you taking the time to explain your thoughts in detail - it really helps. Looking forward to next video's conclusion!

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    Great video, Sam! Extremely impressive how you always assume your opponent is going to make the absolute best move on your level of play.

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    Fantastically instructive on many levels.  Thank You GM Shankland.

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    awesome video

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