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    This guy has to be Handsome Jack...

  • 19 mesi fa


    Great endgame so far! Bishop endgames are much more complex than they appear on the surface!

  • 21 mesi fa


    amazing, this has helped my endgame so much!  THANK YOU!!!!

  • 22 mesi fa


    the endgame at time 30 - two light squared B and a pawn is won for white - "centurinis position" its a very tricky technique

  • 22 mesi fa


    Thanks for the pointers.

  • 22 mesi fa


    Fun continuation. Thanks!

  • 22 mesi fa


    Thank you for the video.

    I'm wondering if a better first move during this video would be Bd8+, which prevents the king from moving to e7 and threatens the h pawn. Bd3 could still follow on the next move, restricting his white bishop. Is there something I'm missing?

  • 22 mesi fa


    Interesting, Thanks. Longer videos yes , way to go.

  • 22 mesi fa


    @madvilan and Guten 7:  I don't think 3 or 4 parts is too long for beginners, which is how Liu 'advertizes' the series.  But for some reason the video is categorized as 'intermediate/advanced,' confusing things.

    As an eternal beginner,  i liked the pace of parts 1-3.  But I thought it could have ended right there;  a 4th session on this game may be overkill!

  • 22 mesi fa


    no way... part 4? seriously? Now videos are longer than a game.

  • 22 mesi fa


    Wow!  That was quite complicated. Great teaching points. 

  • 22 mesi fa


    Thank you.  It has been a excellent series.  I especially learn from the Tips, which are great advice.

  • 22 mesi fa


    4 parts? come on, could have been done in one.

  • 22 mesi fa


    According to the endgame database, this position is lost for White. Black starts with ...Qc6+ and keeps checking until the f pawn is won. But, probably impossoble to find over the board, especially in time pressure.

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