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    FM IvanMaxmillian

    For all of you which want to know the more precise analysing, just ask engine... Pretty Simple

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    I really loved this lectures. However there is one black response you didn't cover that gets me a bit nervous. I've checked for white answers with an engine and it even says black is better, not to mention that the white position doesn't look very good and is pretty much forced.

     Am I overlooking something? seems to me like this kind of position can be really unforgiving for white to play. The slightest mistake and you get destroyed.

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    In the Peptan-Djukic game, I think 27. ... Bxg2 is just a blunder. If Djukic plays 27. ... Rf8 28. Qe7 Bxg2 29. Kxg2 Qa8+ is fine for black and White is playing with a small advantage.

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    At 8:50 seconds what is wrong with dxc5?  It's eliminating the potential weakness of the IQP, the white queen could be recaptured with the rook and he could have developed his dark bishop to a better spot, like he was saying.  Please explain.

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    Love your videos! Helped me alot against the Sicilian. 

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    Thanks for the series. I love that you know the mind of lower ranked players like myself (e.g., when you stop us from chasing after bad pawn grabs). It is funny to me that I am only now realizing that the way I attacked the Sicilian as a kid was actually a real opening. I generally wasted a lot of time on my clock "inventing" openings rather than memorizing them.

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    @Vivinski: Thanks! I never really considered sacrificing a pawn to gain a tempo.  Good strategy.

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    Thanks GM.....I dont play 1. e4 but with these videos, I'll certainly give it a try soon.

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    This was brill - I enjoyed the variations you explored and even though I'm not an 1.e4 player it is still both entertaining to view and instructive to see how black should/could react!

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    Complimented my c3 book perfectly!Thanks

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    @ nclonch , Qb3 Bxf3, Bxf3 Nd4, Qa4+ (attacking the knight) Nc6. Rfd1 or Nb5 or Bf4 are all good moves, with tempo on the queen that has to protect the knight on c6. Don't see any concrete winning stuff for white but black will be fighting to hold on.

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    I for one can't stand the position's I get into with standard Sicilian response so really appreciate Alapin variation.

    I like Gregory's style. Thanks for these lectures.

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    At 9:21, Qb3, why wouldn't black take the knight on f3 with his bishop to remove protection from the d4 pawn and then take it with his knight after Bxf3?  Exchanging too many pieces for an uncertain advantage?

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    Really interesting!!!

    I'm going to work on 2.C3  It looks like the best move for me against the Sicilian.  Hope I have some of the success others have had with it.

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    I found the middlegame strategy advice very interesting and thought-provoking.  Thanks!

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    Good series.


    A repertoire book I'm using suggests for black 2...d6 3.d4 Nf6

    I hope you'll talk about that in later videos!

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