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1st Official Reddit Tournament (1200-1399)

TD: erik Iniziato il 01 giugno 2013 12:42
Giocatori: 964   Tempo per mossa: 3 giorni per mossa
Giocatori x gruppo: 6   Intervallo Rating: 1200-1399
# Promossi: 1   Tie Breaks: Si
Punti disponibili: 438   Partite a Punti: Si

Statstiche Torneo
Giocatori iniziali: 964 Partite completate: 5823 (torneo completato al 97%)
Eliminati al 1° turno: 769 (completamento: 79%) Partite in 1 turni: 4.810
Eliminati al 2° turno: 158 (completamento: 16%) Partite in 2 turni: 960
Eliminati al 3° turno: 0 (completamento: 0%) Partite in 3 turni: 160 (33% completato)
Giocatori ritirati: 10 (1%) Concluse per timeout: 4411 (75%)
Giocatori rimanenti: 21 (2%) Giochi rimanenti: 107 (round in corso)
Punteggio medio: 1269 Migliore vittoria: 1223 ha battuto 1648


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Here is how it works: 

1. Be a reddit member. If you are not, go away and signup for reddit.com. Then after you have marinated in reddit.com for several months and consider yourself a legit redditor, you will then feel worthy to join future tournaments. In the future. Not today. 

2. Sign up. If you aren't a Chess.com member, signup for free here: www.chess.com/register.  Then choose your correct tournament section.

3. Post your reddit name in these tournament comments. That way we know who to make fun of when we see you on reddit. Or severely shame if we catch you cheating (see below). 

4. Don't Cheat. That means: don't get help from friends. Don't use computers. If you think the biggest chess site doesn't know when you are cheating, you are in for a jolly surprise. Not only will your Chess.com account get closed, but we will post a list of cheaters in /r/chess with their reddit names. Plus, http://i.qkme.me/3u6c0m.jpg

5. Win Prizes. Each section has the following prizes:

- 1st Place: 1 year Reddit Gold, 1 hour lesson with Grandmaster Coach, 1 year Chess.com Diamond Membership
- 2nd Place: 1 year Diamond Membership
- 3rd Place: 1 year Chess.com Gold Membership


  • 7 settimane fa


    Back for a bit but now back on vacation!

  • 2 mesi fa


    my bad for vacation guys, I took some time off from chess but now I'm back.

  • 3 mesi fa


    You can not do anything to speed this tournament? Because a person is delaying much. I would like to do something that the organizers. Thank you!

  • 4 mesi fa


    Is "so many games!!!" a valid reason to personally hold up the tournament for another 2.5 months? Way too much vacation time was provided for this tourney, and it is being used inappropriately.

  • 7 mesi fa


    I've been gone for two seperate weeks during this tournament and have managed to find time to sneak moves in on my phone, in hotel rooms, and in cafes. Unless you're going way off the grid there's no reason why you can't make some chess moves while you're on vacation right? 

  • 7 mesi fa


    I timed out of three games while I was on a business trip, but I'm otherwise undefeated. Is there any chance I'll make it to the third round?

  • 7 mesi fa


  • 7 mesi fa


    Because I entered the tournament what seems like years ago and had no idea it would go on this long, yes I'll admit I was a little naive. 

    I'm just stating that I'm a little frustrated at the fact that I played well and progressed, to then lose because I happened to be away from a place with internet (and have used up all my 'vacation' on this account). Sods law, what can I do? Nothing, continue to play and enjoy chess.. I bet I would have won though -.-

  • 7 mesi fa


    I progressed to round 2 but was on vacation, without enacting any vacation time so lost :(

  • 8 mesi fa


    zipwiz is currently on vacation! 
    They have 1½ month of vacation time left, but may be back sooner.

  • 8 mesi fa


    9 more days until VanyaMikhailov come back from vacations 

  • 8 mesi fa


    Yes you can withdraw

  • 8 mesi fa


    efffffffffffff can I caancel my participation??

  • 8 mesi fa


    Guys on round 2 please don't go on vacation! I don't want to finish this tournament in New Year

  • 8 mesi fa


    Probably the rest are people with 2 months + vaction time that haven't made a move.

  • 8 mesi fa


    I see 5 games left, and only one is competitive.  Why does it say 12 games remaining?

  • 8 mesi fa


    mann this is going too damm slow :(

  • 9 mesi fa


    People about to go on vacations should not be joining chess tournaments to begin with. What kind of human does such a thing!?

  • 9 mesi fa


    Agree with cdessert 

  • 9 mesi fa


    I think we should wait for all the non-vacation games to finish before punishing those who use vacation. When only games where people are using vacation time are in play, if there is a clear winner we should award the win, and if not then allow two more weeks for the person who is on vacation to get off vacation before adjudicating his or her loss. This way, we probably only have another month before round 2.

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