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Sistema London

Ruota scacchiera


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    Very boring and dull .... zzzz

    I had this position as Black in a tournament against an 8-year-old -- here is the game

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    This system is interesting if you facing with a Gruenfeld player, he will not play a sharp defense as he would like.

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    1.d4 Nf6 Indians Learn and play the White and Black sides of the Indian Game. 

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    Does anyone have an opinion on the Colle vs the London. I.e., which do you prefer and why? I like both, but only play the Colle if black doesn't bring his B to f5 early in order to trade B's with whites B on d3. That seems to defeat the purpose of the Colle.
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    Join the Londoneers!

    We play all the variations of the London System in our discussion/vote games.

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    From "Ideas behind Modern Chess Openings" by Gary Lane:

    "The London tournament of 1922 was a top class event with its games hitting the world chess headlines of the day. Among the openings regularly employed--against a variety of set-ups by Black--was White's formation of 1 d4, 2 Nf3 and 3 Bf4, subsequently christened the 'London system'."

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    i like the london system because i get play with my dark squared bishop

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    nice opening! thank u!

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    This line gained notoriety when it was played in Alekhine-Euwe at the London Congress 1922. Hence, it is called the London system.

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    by lukeyboy_xx - 10 months ago
    london England

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    why is it called the london system

    I don't know maybe it was played in London!

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    I hate the London System with black, its sooo boring :(

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    Great attack; my personal favorite. By opening with d4, the opponent may misread it as a hypermodern or Queen's gambit-type of opening. However, it develops more classically and aggressively  in respect to center control. For a great example of this, check out Bogoljubow vs. Reti (1919, 1-0, Germany). White uses the indian attack and black uses the Wade-Tartakower Defense.

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    why is it called the london system

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