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Vassily Ivanchuk Wins Kings Tournament

  • SonofPearl
  • on 13/11/12 11:47.


Vassily Ivanchuk was victorious in the Kings Tournament in Bucharest after winning a tie-break playoff with Veselin Topalov.

The pair had finished level on 3½/6 after they drew their final round game with each other.  Fabiano Caruana was unable to win his game with black against Liviu-Dieter Nisipeanu and had to settle for third place after drawing all his games in the tournament.

The rapid playoff games were played at a time control of 15 minutes plus 3 second increment.

Despite the time increment, Topalov somehow lost on time in the first game in a superior position. Ivanchuk then achieved the draw he needed in the second game to take victory 1½-½.

The final results cross-table

Topalov, Veselin  BUL 2769 * * ½ ½ ½ ½ ½ 1
Ivanchuk, Vassily  UKR 2763 ½ ½ * * ½ ½ 1 ½
Caruana, Fabiano  ITA 2786 ½ ½ ½ ½ * * ½ ½ 3
Nisipeanu, Liviu-Dieter  ROU 2668 ½ 0 0 ½ ½ ½ * * 2


Caruana was unable to beat Nisipeanu in the final round

Kings 2012 Round 6 Nisipeanu v Fabiano Caruana.jpg



Topalov drew with black against Ivanchuk in the final round, but lost the playoff

Kings 2012 Round 6 VeselinTopalov v Vassily Ivanchuk.jpg





Photos from the official website. Games via TWIC.

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  • 23 mesi fa


    1000000 draws and the tournament decided by a win on time.  hmmm....

  • 24 mesi fa


    السلام  عليكم  انا مش عارف  يا  لجدماع  بيتاع  يوم الجمعة دا لية هو  فى جازة  ولى  تعارف

  • 24 mesi fa


    Yes!-Karpov was GOOD COACH for Ivanchuk !Wink

  • 24 mesi fa


    valentin: it was a quick draw (30 moves) and it was simple because Ivanchuk was never in any danger of losing the game, he had complete control of the initiative and he commanded the play on the game, therefore, it was easy draw for Ivanchuk. It was a quick simple but fancy draw for Ivanchuk Laughing

  • 24 mesi fa


    Ivanchuk, Vassily. Good work with clock speed.

  • 24 mesi fa


    Congrats Ivanchuk!

  • 24 mesi fa


    ptrckmackay:  Saying that Ivanchuk "played for a simple and quick draw" is as far from the truth as to be irreconcilable with the actual game moves.  Did you look at the game?! 

    He first sacrificed a pawn (offering it repeatedly), then offered an exchange sacrifice to develop an attack on the black king.  Only when black held the position securely through the complications and when there were no light pieces (bishops) left on the board to enable a direct attack on the black king did it become obvious that the attack wouldn't materialize, so Ivanchuk forced a draw (by rook sacrifice nonetheless), because otherwise he would have been down on material and risking to lose the game.  That is very enterprising play from Ivanchuk in the classical game, far from a simple and quick draw!

  • 24 mesi fa


    congrats to Chucky

  • 24 mesi fa


    That game was a draw


    Ivanchuck didn't captilise on Topalov's mistakes

  • 24 mesi fa


    Using tiebreaks to decide classical tournaments is stupid. End of story.

    Tiebreaks should only be used for knockouts and when qualification spots for something are on the line.

  • 24 mesi fa


    Grand Masters nowdays to win tournaments, including the World Chess Championship, also need to be great rapid and blitz chess players. The 2012 WCC was decided in a rapid (15/10) chess game. 

    In today's classical game Ivanchuk with white pieces played for a simple and quick draw because he knows he is a better rapid chess player than Topalov as he proved today. It was all part of his winning plan for this tournament.

  • 24 mesi fa


    Lost on time, really? I wanted Topa to win this, but oh well, Chucky earned it, Topa better learn to look at the clock :)Congratulations Chuck!

  • 24 mesi fa


    Topalov deserve to win. Lost on time?

  • 24 mesi fa


    Congrats Chuky....!

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