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The Return Of The Kings?

  • SonofPearl
  • on 16/10/12 11:52.

The "Kings" Tournament in Medias, Romania was scheduled to take place in June/July this year, but was postponed due to the "global financial crisis and the unstable political situation in Romania".

It had seemed that this indefinite postponement might become permanent, but thankfully it now appears that the 6th Kings Tournament will go ahead later this year.

The official website says that a new schedule will be announced soon, but a recent tweet by Fabiano Caruana reveals the revised dates as being 7-17 November.

The original line-up was to be 2011 winner Magnus Carlsen, Vishy Anand, Teimour Radjabov, Sergey Karjakin, Vassily Ivanchuk and Liviu Dieter Nisipeanu in a 6-player double round-robin.

We will confirm the new line-up here as soon as it is announced!

Kings Tournament Medias logo.jpg

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  • 23 mesi fa


    Great news, I'll be in that area whn the tournament is held and I'll have a picture with Chucky 

  • 24 mesi fa


    I doubt Carlsen is playing..he hasn't mentioned it on his blog:

    "In November I have a few events in the US and the Mexico City Chess festival and rapid tournament, going directly to London for the Chess Classics afterwards. Magnus Carlsen, Bilbao, October 14, 2012"

  • 24 mesi fa


    @pfren: I heard about him, he's a IM i think, but didn't know he is the tournament organizer. Thank you for clarification :)

  • 24 mesi fa

    IM pfren

    @ danmarinescu: You are Romanian, and do not know Dan Pasarelu, the tournament organizer?

    The man is famous- although not necessarily for a good reason.

  • 24 mesi fa


    mark sounds great but Carlsen would always be the best :)I love the game of our kababayan Wesly So.

  • 24 mesi fa


    Sorry for my ignorance, but what's Pasarelu gambit ?

  • 24 mesi fa

    IM pfren

    Another variation on the famous Pasarelu gambit.

  • 24 mesi fa


    If there was a "Like" button I would click and watch

  • 24 mesi fa


    yea I agree with wik8 Carlsen or Caruana should have much trouble in that tournament... so it would be best to take them out but then again thoseplayers are very good and have a lot of suprises in them... lol but still its a great Idea... and I Hope we get to see another great Kings tournament.. :)

  • 24 mesi fa


    marklimpin, that sounds like a cool idea but carlsen could beat all of those challengers at the same time

  • 24 mesi fa


    mark that'd be so sick, I'd love to see that. they could name it "the future of chess"

  • 24 mesi fa


    Tired of seeing this super grandmaster facing each other.why dont they give a chance to the Junior Super Grandmaster like ding liren,wesleyso,caruana,yu yangyi,anish giri,magnus carlsen,le quiang liem,and rey robson. 

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