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Magnus Carlsen's YouTube Channel And New G-Star Campaign Video

  • PeterDoggers
  • on 17/02/14 07:58.

Here's a brief update on Magnus Carlsen, the 23-year-old World Champion from Norway who is still quite busy taking chess “outside the box”. Recently he started his own YouTube Channel, and today the brand new, spectacular G-Star Raw video for the Spring/Summer 2014 Collection has come out.

Below is Carlsen's first video, posted on 6 February on his YouTube Channel. The channel uses the URL Youtube.com/user/themagnuscarlsen — too bad Youtube.com/user/magnuscarlsen was already taken by someone called Rodrigo Chaves!

At the moment it's unclear what Carlsen has in mind for his channel, but we'll keep an eye on it obviously!

More interesting is the following video, launched by G-Star earlier today. Quite a spectacular piece! On their Facebook page the fashion company writes:

“G-Star uses chess as a metaphor for life in the Spring/Summer 2014 campaign video featuring Magnus Carlsen and Lily Cole as they move forward through a surreal chess match that tests both strength and strategy.”

The info box on Yoube provides the following:

“In 2014, G-Star re-thinks the status quo and re-thinks beauty. With chess as a metaphor for life and the G-Star design ethos, the campaign is a call to think and re-think every move, to always move forward.

In the campaign film directed by Shueti, Magnus Carlsen and Lily Cole enter a fantastical game of chess in a surreal landscape of concrete and steel. Drawing a link between Carlsen, Cole and G-Star, the film shows how an uncompromising attitude is key to moving forward, in any pursuit.”

You can find out more about the director of the video at Revolver and on his own website.

G-Star Spring/Summer 2014 Collection, Image 1

It's the first time for G-Star to work with the same male model twice. Carlsen worked for the Dutch fashion company in 2010-2011, when the female model was Liv Tyler. Late last year G-Star asked the young Norwegian to continue their cooperation.

G-Star Spring/Summer 2014 Collection, Image 2

This year Carlsen stars with Lily Cole, an English model and actress. At the age of 16 she was booked for her first British Vogue cover and has worked with many well-known brands, including Vogue worldwide, Alexander McQueen, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Jean Paul Gaultier, Marc Jacobs, Prada, De Beers and Moschino. More on Cole at Wikipedia.

G-Star Spring/Summer 2014 Collection, Image 3

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  • 13 mesi fa



  • 13 mesi fa


    magnus carlsen: good-looking,social,and pro at chess

  • 14 mesi fa


    You've got to wonder how much the other chess players just behind Magnus in the rankings hate him lol!

  • 14 mesi fa



  • 14 mesi fa


    Pretty cool stuff!

  • 14 mesi fa


    "Cool"???  I think they are using chess as an example of "sophisticated", "cultured", and "intelligent" ... qualities that one could find in a James Bond type character ... Magnus seems to fit the bill; even has good looks!

    There can be no question about his impact in bringing chess to the front page of mainstream publications ... it is good for everyone involved.

  • 14 mesi fa


    "@ fabelhaft

    it is on chess.com because it looks like Peter Doggers likes to promote Magnus on everything or chess.com has some commercial interest in it"

    Thanks for telling me this, in the future I'll avoid stuff that shouldn't be here about Magnus Carlsen starting YouTube channels and being in chess themed commercials and return to reading about Cuba Gooding J:r. :-)

  • 14 mesi fa


    if team jacob and team edward had a baby named magnus.

  • 14 mesi fa


    G-star in a way is helping to promote chess by giving Carlsen more exposures and by making (or trying to look) chess cool. I think this is the way to go to be able to make chess as popular as football.

  • 14 mesi fa


    Looks great man.  I would put you in a movie but I bet that would be impossible with your chess schedule.

    Keep up the good work!


  • 14 mesi fa


    @ fabelhaft             

    it is on chess.com because it looks like Peter Doggers likes to promote Magnus on everything or chess.com has some commercial interest in it

  • 14 mesi fa


    Yach ... 
    That commercial gave me the creeps. But I'm looking forward to Carlsen's videos :) 

  • 14 mesi fa


    we all should thank god that carlsen is right now world champion and not anand

  • 14 mesi fa


    "One look...?!"

    "One Look.....?!!"

    "I don't think so!!!!!"


    "Dear God, it's beautiful......"

  • 14 mesi fa


    The gstar stuff is nice and all but I think most of us are curious what he'll do with the youtube channel. I hope it's a mix of some 'behind the scenes' material and chess videos. How awesome would it be if the world champ and highest rated player ever will make chess videos like blitz commentary and game analysis

  • 14 mesi fa


    The commerical is awful but Carlsen is for all history nonetheless.....Cool

  • 14 mesi fa



  • 14 mesi fa


    Magnus kicks butt!  Love the guy!
    Though I find that commercial really cheesy and awful to say the least!

  • 14 mesi fa


    I think that Garry Kasparov is right when writting in his book "My great predecessors" that many of the previous world chess champions had something characteristic for the times they lived (pages 8 - 11). Nowadays Magnus Carlsen is an example of combination something that seems to be very different: chess and commercial, mind and body. Everything is for sale today - chess too.

  • 14 mesi fa


    Great! This video looks more like a piece of art than an advertisment to me Cool Go Magnus!

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