Gelfand Wins In Kazan!

  • SonofPearl
  • on 25/05/11, 09:04.

At last! After five straight draws the odds on a decisive result in the last game of the Candidates final in Kazan were not looking good, but Boris Gelfand broke the deadlock to win with some excellent play!

Gelfand switched to 1.d4 and Grischuk responded with the Grunfeld, but soon Grischuk was falling well behind on the clock as Gelfand enjoyed a pleasant advantage.

The middle-game was very complicated and both players seemed nervous, but Gelfand stayed on top and slowly Grischuk's position deteriorated further.

Finally after 35 moves Grischuk conceded defeat and suddenly the Candidates event was over.  42 year-old Boris Gelfand, currently ranked #16 in the world will be the challenger for Vishy Anand's world title in 2012.


At the post-match press conference, the body language says it all...



 Name  Nat Elo 1 2 3 4 5 6 Total 
 Grischuk, Alexander  RUS 2747 ½ ½ ½ ½ ½ 0
 Gelfand, Boris  ISR 2733 ½ ½ ½ ½ ½ 1


Congratulations to Gelfand on a fantastic achievement!  He played some great chess during the event to crush Mamedyarov, beat Kamsky convincingly in tie-break games, and he always looked the more likely to win a game in the final.

See you at Anand-Gelfand in 2012! Cool

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  • 3 anni fa


    I wonder how Glefand will do in 2014?   will we have another article like this one for Gelfand?

  • 4 anni fa


    I guess I am eating my words from a year ago! now with the world championship headed to tie breaks.

  • 5 anni fa


    er...good press*, I meant.

  • 5 anni fa


    It's nice to see someone from Israel vying for the World Championship, especially with all the hostility going on in that country. Hopefully this will be a little bit of good for them. I get sick and tired of hearing about rocket attacks and Israeli-Palestinian conflicts on the news everyday. 

  • 5 anni fa


    Gudluck to the two in WCC Match.
  • 5 anni fa


    i am rooting for Gelfrand because i have been a fan of his for a long time but think about it Annand is i think gonna win because Gelfrand is not a premier figure in world chess right now if you think about it too many people higher than him. still anything can happen

  • 5 anni fa


    chess is dead if it goes like this....

    the old good days when real hungry for the title players had to lose 0-6 (both of them).... this simply shows the superiority of the winner upon them at the time(maybe the winner was starving for the title)...but as i said these days are a blitz game sends number16 in the world to the final battle....

  • 5 anni fa


    I'm glad the candidates match ended on a high note, the first decisive game in standard time controls since round one, I believe. A tough loss for Grishchuck, but he should be happy with how far he got considering he only was included in this tournament because the world #2 dropped out, even though there were a few more deserving of a spot, he proved he could hang, controversial match strategy nonwithstanding. Congrats to Gelfand for finally making it to a WC match, even though I thought he was well past his prime. I'm sure Anand will like having a challenger older than he is! ;) I'm definitely going to root for Anand, and I think he will defeat Gelfand soundly.

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    Gelfand was second only to karpov and kasparov in the beggining of the 90's. Check your facts.

  • 5 anni fa


    ill go for the under-dog... hehehehehehe

  • 5 anni fa


    simple and the best opening for white, chance for draw and a win, congrats bro.

  • 5 anni fa


    I don't know where the idea that Carlsen would have won this easily comes from. Carlsen is only a little higher rated than Aronian, who couldn't win a game against Grischuk, and is likely not as good a rapid player as Aronian, and is a weaker matchplayer than Kramnik, who also couldn't get the single win needed vs Grischuk. Winning a few tournaments doesn't make you unbeatable. I doubt Carlsen would have won at all. The blitz games are essentially a bit of a lottery at this level, I feel. 

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    must say that i am in love (not romantically) with Anad.

    besides being a chess genius and probably one oth the best defensive players of all times, he is allso modest, quite, honorable and one that respects his rivals.

    Gellfand is a jew (which is not such excetion for chess brilliance) and morover he is an Isreali (i think he's the first Israeli ever to reach that stand), and he's also very serious and wel prepared (no need to isestimate him)

    will be difficult for me to favor one of them. i wish them both good luck and may god draw with you..

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    I wish you all the best Boris!!!  I hope you win and give hope to all us underdogs....

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    jesterville "The Candidates" are over, and Anand will face Gelfand in 2012...I can't help but wonder if Magnus regrets his decision seeing how pathetic these matches were...seems to me that if he had played, it would have been an easy win for Magnus...not too sure though, if he really wanted to face his friend Anand for the WCC. 

  • 5 anni fa


    I am very sad when I got news that Grischuk "passed away", his chances of a shot at the titled died when he resigned :( dont be too hard on yourself Grischuk, you beaten Aronian and Kramnik and has absolutely nothing to be ashamed of.

  • 5 anni fa


     vs4560.. No doubt Anand is great but Gelfand has long history. He is also one of the few with win over Anand in 1993. Seems he is better prepared this time but I agree, Anand starts favourite.. Just watch

  • 5 anni fa


    Gelfand's biodata in chess is probably around 1/100 of Anand's.


    If Anand wins, its expected of him. If he loses, it's just because he was very careless.

    World #1 vs World # 16??? Give me a break. I didn't even know this gelfand player existed till now.

  • 5 anni fa


    Go Gelfand Go , go get him....Show Anand your ways. I followed every game on line, the match was brethtaking  once again experience has ruled ...

  • 5 anni fa


    Well done Gelfand! very well done!!!!

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