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Anand v Carlsen Match Set For India?

  • SonofPearl
  • on 08/04/13 11:29.

phpfygRlp.jpegA report today in the Indian newspaper The Hindu claims that Chennai will be the venue for world chess champion Vishy Anand's next title defence against Magnus Carlsen.

Chief Minister Jayalalithaa of the Tamil Nadu government claimed the match will be held in Chennai between 6 -26 November and the state government will allot Rs 29 crore (approx US$5.3 million) to fund the event.

From The Hindu:

Ms. Jayalalithaa said when the World Chess Federation president Kirsan Illyumzhinov met her in 2011, he had requested her to hold the World Chess Championship in Chennai. She also had agreed to organise the event at a cost of Rs. 20 crore. “However, it failed to materialise as Russia made the highest bidding for the championship. Since Tamil Nadu came forward to organise the event in 2012, The World Chess Federation agreed to hold it in Chennai without bidding,” she said.

Chennai missed out to Moscow on hosting the last world championship match between Anand and Gelfand, despite initially having the higher bid. FIDE's announcement then said that "the AICF (All India Chess Federation) would be given a first option of three months following the match in Moscow, to make a proposal for the organization of the World Chess Championship Match 2013".

The 3 months have passed, so it's not clear how much weight should be given to this promise.

The reaction from Carlsen's friends and supporters quoted in the Norwegian press has been understandably guarded and bemused, preferring that the match be held in a neutral venue - preferably with a cooler climate.

The challenger: Magnus Carlsen (photo: Ray Morris-Hill)


Tromsø in Norway is already set to hold the 2013 World Cup and the 2014 Olympiad, so it might also make a bid for the world championship match, if it can raise the necessary funds.

The company with the rights to the world championship, AGON, is rumoured to want to hold the match in New York. Until FIDE actually make an official announcement, we are probably no nearer to knowing the venue of the match just yet!


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  • 2 anni fa


    I have a feeling that money, and Norway, will win out. Norway has plenty of it, unlike India, and Carlsen is a great source of national pride for a country that does not have a lot of heroes.

    I hope I am wrong though. I have a lot of respect for Anand, who had to do it the hard way, and India deserve their chance.

  • 2 anni fa


    Anand in Chennai, Topalov in Sofia...

  • 2 anni fa


    Go for London! Tested and proven.... Also neutral ground

  • 2 anni fa


    india HELL NO

  • 2 anni fa


    The Indian newpaper "The Hindu" is hardly world-renowned for its accuracy in reporting...

    I would hold off on all of this "location" debate until we hear something official from a credible source.

  • 2 anni fa


    While I think NYC would be a fine venue, I think one involving less travel for both players would be good. I think a good neutral venue would also be best. I would prefer a large central or eastern European city for the best press coverage.

  • 2 anni fa


    i read people saying stupid things about india and chennai.i dont know why all the hollywood movies  depicts india as a country of slums .remember europeons our ancestors used to eat all the year where as your ancestors are starved to death in winters . india is a country of great wealth and those 10 million dollars is nothing to be considered and november you have very good climate like 25 degree celcius in days and 20 in nights. and tell me the player who dont wants a billion ppl audience?and there are no cyco pathetic civilian retards in india who pops up with gun in a public place or school and randomly fires

  • 2 anni fa


    It's not like they can choose, where they want to play. Not a lot of countries want to come up with 5 million dollar funding for a chess event. They have to take, what they get.

  • 2 anni fa


    Chennai is Anand's home town, its funny how ignorance makes people so blind. 

  • 2 anni fa


    Is it better for Anand to play in India ? Its not entirely clear. It can help but also can put more pressure on him.
    It is better for India to play in India for sure :-)

  • 2 anni fa


    India? Even people from there don't want to live there. Bring it to a non-third world country for goodness sake.

  • 2 anni fa


    Just say NO, Magnus. You're not Rocky going to Russia.

  • 2 anni fa


    If I were Carlsen I would also go for a more neutral match location. It is hard to estimate the effect of playing on an unfamiliar location vs. a familiar location, but it is clear that it is an advantage to play in one's backyard as opposed to some unfamiliar location. The most logical would be to play in unfamiliar territory (or for that matter, equallt familiar territory).

    Having said that, I think staging the World Championship in India would be a huge boom for chess in India. Just seeing the monetary costs associated with the event is shortsighted, in my opinion, because it gives back in a lot of non-montetary ways.

  • 2 anni fa


    Why chennai?  There are lots of more beautiful places in India!  It may well be held in the Himalayas! 

  • 2 anni fa


    New York gets my vote.  Followed by San Francisco.  Lets not get emotionally attached to Chennai or Oslo.

  • 2 anni fa


    If it were a private sponsor, I wouldn't have issues, but 'm not sure if I agree with a developing country spending millions to host a game.

  • 2 anni fa


    Anand has been a champion for a couple of years. The champ can have the match in India. 

  • 2 anni fa


    diap makes a good point. anand could win simply because carlsen got sick from the water. i did there once and almost died. 

  • 2 anni fa


    if anand can go twice  to contenders country....to defend..noone said anything..whats wrong to play in contender coming 2 india 4 a change..as such he will always b in airconditioning..

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