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There he goes again, being all cute ... and brilliant.

Maybe I'm just easily impressed by my son, but he never ceases to amaze me. He does things all the time to show how intelligent and perceptive he is. I love seeing how well he's developing and learning to do all sorts of things.

This morning, my 22-month-old son needed his diaper changed. He informed my wife and me of this need by climbing the stairs on his own and walking into his room. Then he picked up a fresh diaper, a package of wipes, and a tube of diaper ointment. Clasping them all against his chest, he walked to the top of the stairs again, where he bore the most innocent facial expression possible.

He's so cute!

Later, after he was dressed except for his socks and shoes, I saw him trying to put one of his shoes on by himself. The only problem was that he didn't have any socks on yet. I put his socks on, and as I did so, he took one shoe and unlatched the Velcro for me. While I put that shoe on, he took the other shoe and did the same thing. He was a big help.


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    Nice :) your son sounds very smart
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