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Chess is a narrow way.  I leave all pleasure behind.  It is a time without pleasure, yes.

--Jan Timman, Dutch Grandmaster

    • Cloudy with Chance of Playoff

      Tweet: With the final round of the Women's Championship underway, there's a looming threat of a playoff tomorrow between Zatonskih and Krush.  (There is a smaller chance that Abrahamyan could also tie with the other two.)  According to what Jen... | Leggi tutto

      • qixel
      • | 19/lug/2010
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    • Abrahamyan - Zatonskih Shootout

      Tweet: Only three are still standing who can win the US Women's Championship: Zatonskih, Krush, and Abrahamyan.  So the big game for today is Abrahamyan v Zatonskih.  The battle of the two Irenes (Irina Krush v Iryna Zenyuk) is also on tap, alt... | Leggi tutto

      • qixel
      • | 18/lug/2010
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    • Happy Birthday, CCSCSL !

      Tweet: Today was a rest day for the US Women's and the Junior Closed.  It was also the second birthday of the Chess Club and Scholastic Center of St. Louis.  The chess players celebrated by having fun.  Yes, chess doesn't always have to be a k... | Leggi tutto

      • qixel
      • | 16/lug/2010
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    • Zatonskih Hangs Tough

      Tweet: In another long-fought chess duel under time pressure yesterday, Anna Zatonskih beat Abby Marshall to retain sole possession of the lead at the US Women's Championship by half a point. Ironically, this was probably Marshall's best game o... | Leggi tutto

      • qixel
      • | 16/lug/2010
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    • Krush Takes Quick Draw

      Just a short tweet: Irina Krush and Camilla Baginskaite reached a draw by triple repetition today at the US Women's Championship.  The draw came quickly, on move 12 of their 5th-round game. I was surprised Irina would go for an early draw co... | Leggi tutto

      • qixel
      • | 14/lug/2010
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    • Mate Me in St. Louis

      Two teenagers rumbled on the mean squares of St. Louis today in the first round of the US Women's Championship: Marshall and Melekhina, so young and yet so fierce. Marshall, showing no fear in her first Women's, fired up the King's Gambit, one ... | Leggi tutto

      • qixel
      • | 10/lug/2010
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    • Habu Defends Kisei 3-0

      [This is a reposting of an old report that I had to pull because the video had disappeared.  But I got the video back again by pulling it from the Web cache.] Habu Yoshiharu has successfully defended his Kisei shogi title 3 games to 0 against ... | Leggi tutto

      • qixel
      • | 10/lug/2010
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    • US Women's Championship Starts Today

      The US Women's Chess Championship begins today with this evening's opening ceremony at the Sheldon Concert Hall in St. Louis. The board battles, however, start tomorrow, and the tournament room will be home to two long-time antagonists:  Zatonsk... | Leggi tutto

      • qixel
      • | 09/lug/2010
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    • Sam Shankland Quitting Tournament Chess?

      In an interview a few days ago with Jennifer Shahade after the Philadelphia International, IM Sam Shankland indicated that he may be either quitting tournament chess or cutting back on it drastically. You can see a video of this interview at the... | Leggi tutto

      • qixel
      • | 03/lug/2010
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    • Movers in the Women's Ratings

      FIDE has just released its July ratings for women's chess. If there is a Carlsen on the distaff side of the board, I suppose it would have to be China's Hou Yifan, who is only 16 years old but ranked 3rd among the world's women players. Hou Yif... | Leggi tutto

      • qixel
      • | 30/giu/2010
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