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    • ChessFit?

      In their book "The Plateau Effect" authors Bob Sullivan and Hugh Thompson investigate exactly what are the reasons for, well, the plateau effect. Any activiy could reach the dreaded "flat peak", where after initial improvement (that frequently fol... | Leggi tutto

      • Twobit
      • | 03/giu/2013
      • | 1372 visualizzazioni
      • | 1 commento
    • Chess star- Movie star

      Here are some pics I found that show similarities between chess players and movie stars. Any more suggestions?                   Bronstein                                             ... | Leggi tutto

      • Twobit
      • | 11/mar/2012
      • | 25871 visualizzazioni
      • | 155 commenti
    • The Plateau of Self-Improvement

      Is there such thing as chess skill self-improvement? If there is, what are the most effective ways of it? Books? Software? Playing on and on and on? A comprehensive study plan? Is self actually ever able to help self by following a program? Or, yo... | Leggi tutto

      • Twobit
      • | 21/set/2010
      • | 1778 visualizzazioni
      • | 1 commento
    • Please Reprint!

      There are some excellent chess books that are forgotten and/or out of print. These are usually the same ones you can barely find on the web and only at ridiculously high price. Now, at the dawn of universal digital format we may not wish for an ac... | Leggi tutto

      • Twobit
      • | 16/set/2010
      • | 1836 visualizzazioni
      • | 3 commenti
    • Duchamp's Riddle

      I was reading an article about Duchamp and he left this position behind (supposedly unsolvable or, a draw at most), also listed in the book of Beliavsky and Mikhalchishin "Winning Endgame Technique" 1995, Batsford. Is it really draw? What do you t... | Leggi tutto

      • Twobit
      • | 04/set/2010
      • | 1970 visualizzazioni
      • | 2 commenti
    • Chess Curriculum

      Welcoming suggestions for a reasonable self-study chess curriculum: assuming it is for a working adult with say, maximum 1 hour a day for study, Sundays off (rating is 1300 -2000). Monday: Tactics training (book puzzles or Chess.com Tactics Trai... | Leggi tutto

      • Twobit
      • | 28/ago/2010
      • | 2925 visualizzazioni
      • | 2 commenti
    • Fusion Chess: Bullet Chess960

      So here is a question: how hard would it be to have a 1 minute Chess960 set up? No advantage for opening preparation, any memory, computer preparation or even any experience. A pure mental clock-speed fest? Would it be the ultimate leveling field? | Leggi tutto

      • Twobit
      • | 25/ago/2010
      • | 1418 visualizzazioni
      • | 0 commenti
    • The Chess Book That Helped ME to Improve the Most...

      I am just curious which book wins this vote? Everybody has at least ONE book that made the most impact on overall playing strength (some of us of course has a list); the one that suddenly raised the rating after years of stagnation. So, I am inte... | Leggi tutto

      • Twobit
      • | 22/ago/2010
      • | 2591 visualizzazioni
      • | 8 commenti
    • God's number

      Researchers found that "God's Number" for Rubik's Cube (that is the minimum number of moves necessary to get to the solution from any of the possible starting combinations) is 20. Do you think that one day they will come to a number for chess? | Leggi tutto

      • Twobit
      • | 14/ago/2010
      • | 1801 visualizzazioni
      • | 2 commenti