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  • Pirate Week

    Three strange pirate-related things happened to me last week. Now there's a sentence you don't see every day. Admittedly, some of the links to buccaneering are a little tenuous, but it still makes for an unusual theme. It started when I found ou... | Per saperne di più

  • On Teaching Chess

    One of the things I enjoy doing is teaching others. I am an investor by nature, my father described me this way when I was young this way: "If you give him a nickle, he will save a dime". I enjoy the idea that if I defer self gratification now, I ... | Per saperne di più

  • Kings Indian Attack vs Sicilian Dragon

    Hello Chess Fans, Today we'll look at a game between the King's Indian Attack vs the Sicilian Dragon.  We'll evaluate positions and play that take advantage of White's passive opening moves and underdevelopment.  Black was played by Kairav Jo... | Per saperne di più

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