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  • Learn How to Attack

    I've been working on creating a course on Attack for the past month or so, and I finally released it today. If you want to learn how to attack the uncastled or castled king in addition to learning more about common mating patterns, you'll probabl... | Per saperne di più

  • Applesauce Too!

    (Beat Reporter: Mark LaRocca)In keeping with the fine tradition of eternal optimism, I will continue with my predictions and attempt to right the ship that is floundering in Boston Bay.  Now, some may say that this ship has sailed... that there ... | Per saperne di più

  • Wright Brothers Open

    Less than one week to go! GMs Georgiev and Mitkov GM Kudrin   GM Krush GM Kacheishvili http://www.chess.com/article/view/2nd-annual-wright-brothers-open | Per saperne di più

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